Monday, November 21, 2011

Change of Pace

Hey all, still playing WoW on a regular basis but decided to try out an old favorite lore wise, Age of Conan. No I haven't quit WoW in any way at all. Still love my guild and enjoy playing my dwarf hunter. But I am working on a side project for Age of Conan and writing about my experiences with it now compared to a couple of years ago. anyways, I added and additional Blog, Hyborean Rage for this project. You can find it on my additional pages at the top of the blog. For the purest, I apologize for branching out and enjoying other games. For those just interested, check it out. I know a lot of people do not like Age of Conan, but give it half a chance, you may still want to try it out in it's current state. If nothing else, check out my opinions and feel free to post as you will. In the meantime, Grimrhok is getting a little rested xp till the new pvp season drops.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why roll on a pvp server?

Spinks put up an interesting thought today as to whether or not there is a need at all for separate pvp/pvp servers. Of course I had a Wall of text in reply to it. I'll let you guys figure that out. But a point is brought up. Why do pvper's roll on a pvp server if the majority of the time they just sit and wait for BG qeues? I like open world pvp. Can't help it and I wont apologize. What I do wonder is what the point of rolling on a pvp server if you aren't gonna go out there and mix it up? I know some will say the server is imbalanced. Got it. But then at least for WoW you can go to and see the over all population snapshot. If its close to being equal then there is a chance for world pvp. And the world is a sandbox. Motivated guilds can find reasons to go out there and fight. A little coordination between horde and alliance GM's can produce some epic battles over perceived terrain etc.

But now I gotta be a little honest here. I have to wonder why anyone who only wants pve rolls on a pvp server. I mean there are a bunch of pve servers to go have fun on. The "my friends are here" theory doesn't hold out very well. That's more a minority than anything. Also, PvE gets the most attention from the Dev teams of almost all the RPG MMOs out there. It's what makes them money. Why even complain if PvP servers exist. You have a choice. You are responsible and hopefully mature enough to make a thoughtful choice. So in the end, it's nobodies fault but your own. Mind you, as a pvper I do not condone asshattery and go to lengths to squash it where I can. I don't believe in greifing unless I was griefed first. Same with camping. But revenge? HELL YES! That is what world pvp is about and you know it whether you want to admit it or not.

So...Question...Why roll on a pvp server if you are a pvper and dont intend to mix it up in the world?
If you are a pve'er seriously and honestly why did you roll on a pvp server and expect to be left alone? rant for the day

Friday, November 11, 2011

WoW Raiders Hate Smokers and Parents

I ran across this thread and it really irked me. I have to admit. You see at first it started out with the tired "I hate smokers because they stop the raid for 5 min". They are addicts right? Addicted to nicotine, oh so terrible and evil right? Hmmm......If you get mad at a 5 min break during a raid...aren't you the addict? Lets talk about this. Society frowns upon smoking today as almost a sin. Ooohhh your smoking your gonna die a terrible wracking painful death and your going to burden the population for health care....and oh yeah your cutting into my addiction of raid progression...WTF?!?!?!?!?! Look if you are on a 4 hour Armageddon raid run I got it...but an hourly smoke break/bio break or check on the kids break is human. as to vices...Mark Twain said it best:

I haven't a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices.

- Mark Twain, a Biography

See the old man had it right. We all have vices, if we are honest about it I think. WoW in itself is a vice by the way. Especially to those driven towards progression. All I'm saying is, have a little understanding. 4 hours of my time is precious...5 minutes every hour shouldn't destroy your life...just sayin'.

Further more, the thread got worse, blaming parents for having to take care of their kids during the raids...FUCKING REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?
People who are mature adults have responsibilities. They still like to have fun. They still enjoy the MMO Raiding, but seriously...some people have the audacity to blame parents for trying to pay attention to their young children while using a home friendly vice rather than leaving them alone with a babysitter while they go out and get drunk? Seriously? screw up here folks.


So it's the parents fault for loving their child but still wanting to have a little fun? Look I love WoW. It is my hobby in life. To see and make characters grow and progress. But even I got limits. If you are going to disrespect a parent for needing to take care of a crying baby periodically during a raiding marathon, your priorities are kinda really very anti social and immoral. Yes I am accusing you. Think about it! Use your friggen moral compass for Gods sakes!!!

Ok this was my rant. It's also my time to say if you gotta small vice like smoking, it's ok. Least you aren't driving home drunk and possibly killing someone. Second, if you are a parent single or not and you have to split your time between WoW and your real life responsibilities I applaud you for doing the right thing. Maybe parents need to unite together and screw the little arrogant pricks who disrespect you for taking responsibilities. SCREW EM!!!!

Nuff said for the moment!
Have fun out there in Azeroth!!!

Thank you Veterans!

This nation makes me proud. We have a colorful history, sometimes peaceful, other times bloody. One tradition that has always stood the test of time are those who answered the call to serve their nation and sacrifice time, family, indeed sometimes their very lives. They froze in rags on Valley Forge with the hopes of freedom. They fought for personal beliefs during our Civil War. Each of them slogged through the mud and blood of the trenches during WWI. During WWII so many gave their lives across the world by cannon and fire. During Korea they held the Pusan Perimeter. In Viet Nam, Soldiers fought even when many in their nation hated them for doing what their government ordered. Desert Storm, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan. The finest men and women who stand up to fight at their Country's behest give everything they got every day.

It is about sacrifice. It is about pride. But when Soldier's are getting shot at, bombed and bleeding, it's about their brotherhood. Countries don't matter at that point, only that guy or gal to your left and right. A Soldier doesn't charge a hill for glory, but only in hopes to finish the job and get back home. Soldiers are both boistrous and humble at the same time. Bravado takes the stress away and get them ready to do their job. But when you HONESTLY tell them thank you and let them know how important they are, most times they kinda get shy. Most times they get a little quiet and maybe remember a Brother or Sister they lost.

So for all that have served through out the years in times of war and in times of peace. My deepest thanks. I especially thank those older guys from WWII through Viet Nam. You are a dieing breed, but one I looked up to as a child and still do so some 40 years later. You all were my mentors that shaped me into who I am today. After 15 years in the Army, 4 tours in the Middle East, I still look back to those who marched the grounds long before me. They give me comfort when everything is a mess. Knowing their strength of character and stubborness has made me keep going when I wanted to quit. So thanks to all those who mentored me and gave me the Priviledge to serve as well. Happy Veteran's Day wherever you may be.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gaurdian Cub......

So the critter is cute. I will prolly spend the little bit of real world money to go buy one. BUT I REFUSE TO BUY IT ON THE AH!!!!! The people who actually use digital gold for it....SUCKERZ!!!!! Now wait, you say....Mhorgrim aren't you the real sucker for buying one for real cash? Well no. You see, if I choose to buy something for real cash...under 20 bucks that's pure entertainment value, like 15 bucks a month for WoW, am I sucker for that? Not in my mind. But now see, my TIME is extremely important. If I pay to play this game, I don't want to sink that time into gaining anywhere between 5k to possibly 100k of digital gold into it. That's a crap load of time that is important to me, because it takes away from my enjoyment of 15 bucks a month. I'm by no means rich, but even a kid can save a few extra bucks for this pet. He won't ever get the time back though if he blows his/her 15 bucks a month farming the digital gold to buy a pet that can be bound only to one toon. Who really is the sucker in this? I spend my money my way and burn the time played my way, I am not beholden to anyone and therefor have the freedom to play as I please, not to earn a crazy amount of digital gold for a single pet that really most people wont have out with them 100% of the time (Besides I love my mechanical squirrel the most any damned how). What gold I do earn is for my skills and equipment. Vanity stuff...well that's what the extra $10 is for. Can't afford it? Get a job. Got a job? Skip lunch for a week or eat Ramen noodles for a couple of days for dinner and voila you got your $10. Extreme? No, it's priorities. What is honestly more important to you?  Just a rant lol!!! Enjoy your cubs!!! I know on payday I will enjoy mine too!!!! In the meantime, I'm out to go kill Horde!!!

Elitism in PvP and PvE

"HAH your pve gear sucks! Why dont you GTFO of my BG scrubnub!!!!"

"Man vote kick this pvp leach, can't even take the time to learn the fight or earn REAL gearz!!!"

"God I hate trying to grind two sets of friggen gear for PvE and PvP"

Funny how it works, polarized communities of pvpers and pve'ers. Each thinking that THEY alone are the real players. Are they? NOPE. They can be experts in their particular fields of play just as much as they can be completely incompetent. Problem is, they are like angry siblings vying for who gets the most attention from Mom (read Blizzard). Lately there has been an argument about standardizing gear across the board. I have to call horse shit. That stinks of socialism for mediocre performance across the board. I see it already with gear grinds becoming alot easier to knock out. But each system is there to cater to a specific crowd in their own hardcoreness.

Look, iLV gear meant for lv 85 can get you easily into random BG's or baseline dungeons, but you have to push yourself to get higher. For PVPers it means getting into rated BGs and into Arena matches. For PVEers it means getting into baseline dungeons and possibly heroics, but NOT Raids.  Trying to get your feet wet to change things up is all good, but you won't really get anywhere unless you specialize in one thing or another. Both sides have a point. For PvPers its learning to work in the random chaos of the battlefield, there is no set UI response from opponents, things change at the drop of a hat. But there is a ton of flexibility on player actions, not forgiveness for stupidity but a flexibility in tactical situations. For PVEers its all about gearing and learning a specific mechanic and learning the fight with zero tolerance for mistimed abilities. It isn't easy and requires very analytical minds to complete the set boss fights. It requires understanding in detail a class spec to maximize within 99.99% of its Holy Trinity potential. Both types of fighting require significant skill and resourcefulness. Both require a cool headed leader that has complete situational awareness and can keep control of a situation.

In the end, I personally disagree with standardizing gear. I believe in Elitism here. I think there should be a difference between gear to signify the specialty given players have. It is a testament to their dedication towards their game hobby. Lets face it, if you don't want to play a gear based game, WoW is NOT the game for you. There are plenty of FPS games out there or...Minecraft etc. But Blizzard makes it's money banking on players wanting to have "tangible" rewards for their work. The company is still going strong on this formula, proof being them working on the next big expansion. If the formula didn't work, they would stop the development as a whole. So, like it or not, gear grinds are here to stay. I just don't think you should be rewarded for not doing your job in a different style of play.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

World PvP and Battleground Grinds

Well, first and foremost, Grimrhok, crazy dwarf hunter finally hit 85 a couple of days ago. It was a test of wills to finish off those last million or so XP, but it got done. I was pretty proud and used my hard earned 4k of honor points to get my first taste of lv 85 pvp. Even invested in a new pair of pants to keep things at least sort of equal. Then I walked into the fight ... ouch.

I didn't realize I was dealing with opponents that not only had pre formed crews (impressive and I respect it entirely) but allot of them also had conquest gear. Big ouch, it was like trying to use my crossbow to break down towers. But I persevered with my stalwart stubborn dwarf self. I was in the big leagues now... well not so much. I notice still the same horrid performance from PUGers. I notice half the time they are just bullshitting their way through hoping for a quick loss to re queue. Why? Honor at lv 85 is given out like candy. Nice..I got almost complete season 10 pvp honor gear within 2 days. That didn't bother me. I wasn't shocked by the piss poor performance either.  Random folks never seem to get along. But it became a grind again. Quicker yes, but still a grind to get a decent baseline before I get into one of my guild's RBG teams. Let me be clear, they arent pressuring me in any way. The fact I hit 85 and got a few pieces of Season 10 gear got me noticed for my dedication. Of course its only the first step. And I do enjoy pvp...ALLOT! Just hate incompetence is all.

Brings me to the final point here. I really enjoy world pvp. I love it when our guild goes on a full rampage against the Horde, or when I happen across a lone figure out in the Uldum sandbox. The constant alertness you have to have for possible foes is a rush. Sometimes you can slam someone, other times you get facerolled. But it's still a rush. I love knowing that there are no enclosed areas and no rules. Fight or die. No pity no remorse. Get a knife in the back? Got feared and facemelted? It happens, but then so does watching my wolf or cat shred down a Deathknight or Paladin (Well paladins seem to take longer but its more blood spilt). I wish there was more of it. I have to commend my guild, Clan Battlehammer for at least twice a week going after the horde cities. It's a blast whether we win or loose. And yes we do loose about as much as we win. But it is still such a riot to go out and fight.

By far I enjoy world pvp more, but I do enjoy getting cute new armor pieces and weapons to go into over kill from BGs. Anyways, just a rambling today.

Edit: My wife pointed out, it was Season 10 gear I obtained. The weapons were Season 9 which was an error on my part.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead

Every major city celebrates this lil holiday in Azeroth. I dropped by Stormwind today to pay my respects and get a quick achievement for fun. Interestingly enough, aside from the whole Forsaken skin there are a couple of small things to check out while visiting the City Graveyard.

Jumpin for joy with that hottie Catrina!!!

While tooling around in the Graveyard I noticed this interesting tomb. It shows the pic of a young warrior or paladin girl. No names present but it's the only one in the entire Graveyard. It would be interesting if there was a little lore behind the picture. I recall back in the day that one of the Blizz guys passed on and they left a tomb just past Thorbardin's Wall in memoriam. Is this another possible remembrance or simply a fluke being the only one in the graveyard.

Tomb of the Unknown Warrior Maiden

Finally, before you head out for the day, drop by and pay respects to Tiffin, former Queen of Stormwind. Truly a fine memorial befit for royalty.

Queen Tiffin's memorial, somber but beautiful as it should be.

There is a small caption there up at the headstone, check it out for yourself. Anyways, drop by for this achievement and enjoy the vendor. Speaking of which, there is a cooking recipe to pick up as well as other fun stuff. And with that, enjoy your Day with the Dead! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Victory in the North

Some time ago I set out to find and tame the mighty Spirit Wolf Skoll. Most laughed at me for bein' a damned fool. Damned fool or not, I refused to quit. Spent days and days trackin' Skoll down. Some days, the cold was so mind numbin' thought I'd curl into a ball o' snow and fade out. Found him once, but didna have the skill to hold him down. Lost him for some time again. But, bein' the stubborn stumpy I am, I refused to back down. So, one afternoon with plenty of firewhiskey in the gut, I set out once again from me camp. Spotted him off the ridgeline and sped there in a flash. Normally, I'd be a smart dwarf and check about for competetion. No, not the damned frosty wyrmkin ye damned ninny! More to the point, other hunters or Horde interlopers! Nope, didn't even stop to think on that one. Fast as me legs could carry, I set me trap to hold him in place. Started the calls and readied. The battle began but it didn'a last long, I got for what I came. That's right, Skoll decided to follow me home!!!

A giant beauty!
Ahh the tales were true, he's one giant of a wolf, ever hungry, every vigilant. He can be a silent stalker if I need, but also a vicious hunter at a moment's notice. More so, curious enough, he seems ta know when ya need a friendly lickin of the wounds. True as true me frinds, the wolf healed me when I took a short bit o' scratchin' when we hunted down a drake.

And ye' thought wolves didn'a get too large...fancy that!
Well, I proved em wrong. But I respect this lightnin' charged beast. I gives him plenty of space when he need it and ne'er take for granted the power he choosed to help with.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting the Myth

I saw him once. Rumor had it a great Spirit wolf roamed the upper reaches of the Storm Peaks in Northrend. I could'na resist, even though I was a wee bit undergeared fro such an undertakin'. Word had it that I might have what it took to find such a beast, though most laughed at the mere mention of mighty Skoll, Howler of the North. Others shuddered, kept to their drink and wished me a painless death for me troubles. Well, armed with what I had, I set out to the frozen Storm Peaks. True enough, the land that Skoll supposedly roamed was frought with giants, drakes and of course...plenty of Horde. Dangers be damned I pressed on.

Weeks later, one bone cold night I finally heard the chilling howl of this beast. Sure enough, it froze me a second or two. But then peerin from a fur tree stand I spotted him. Sure as sure what a terrifying site he was. Fangs as big as me legs is all I'm sayin. No I wasn't afeared ya blasted son of a troll! But what a sight! I set me traps to hold him down and made my play for tamin this great no avail. Damned creature looked me square in the eye with a warning and simply walked off. Not one o' me tricks even so much as touched on him. Nope, this time I had'na the skill. But I'd be back an said as much for it! Oh next time I'd figure a way...if the north didna kill me first!

Not skilled yet...but I'd be back!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Companion

Among the hunters of the world, there is a plethoria of special companions which they have made friends with to defend, attack and bring down their prey. Every great now and then again, you find a special animal, one with spirit or fire, one that stands out far beyond the rest. Well lads and lasses, I'm here to tell you of Pogeyan, Firespirit of the Stranglevale jungles.

Rumor had it that the ancient troll gods joined their ever lovin souls with different and mighty beasts of the jungle. Now, I'm not one to argue a man's or in this case a Troll's faith but I've always been a awee bit skeptical when it came to such things. Then again...Druids...blast it! Who can say? Speakin of which, a druid friend o' mine sent word from the hunting camps down in the Northern region of the Stranglethorn that a great fiery eyed beast had been prwolin about, makin mince meat of the locals. Well, naturally as a hunter, my curiousity had gone through the roof on this one. Oh, I'd seen and heard a lot, but this one was different. The locals claimed it was the spirit of one o' their Troll Gods, comin to slay any crossin on it's turf.

Well, be damned if I weren't gonna try to bag this one! They claimed it's eyes glowed red with the rage of the jugnles torn apart and a coat as shiny and fiery bright as the ever lovin sun. This my friends, I had to see!

So, after payin a good amount of coin in Stormwind for some fine Dwarven Imported whiskey, I mounted up on Skye, me trusty old Gryphon and headed south. It had been years since I been to the jungle, and after my time up in Northrend, the steamy heat hit me like a dwarven steamtank! Couldnt bear to be wearin me chest armor or shoulder guards, just too damnable hot! So, I cleared em off decidin a good ruddy tan would make me look fine as fine for dear Mckaylee. I reached the huntin' camps and questioned the locals and a few dwarven folk there as to the where abouts oh this Firespirit.  Most thought I was just out for the hunt itself, an maybe I was at first. But the more I heard of this fang ridden beaast, the more I admired it. Somethin bout the wilde ones always sets me misty eyed. The hunting Lodge offered me a guide, but I figured didn't much need one. So they pointed me out the general direction and off I went, this time alone, with nothin but me skill and heart.

Took me a good couple weeks huntin this cunning stalker. No doubt about, the challenge was there. I let Skye head back to the Rebels up north where the hills were a bit cooler, stripped down to me leathers and continued the hunt. Finally, there he was! Oh, true to the stories, fiery red eyes that blazed and a sunkissed coat. I didna have the heart to bring him down, but somethin told me, God spirit or not, this one would make the finest of huntin brethren. I thought I was quiet on the stalk, but damned be sure, he gazed straight at me, as though not a bit of grass stood betweenst us. He didna run, but for certain regarded me like a chylde. I set me trap and tried to bait him to no avail. Too smart this one. There was only one way he would bond, and we both knew it. I charged from the thicket, scatterin birds an critters, the mighty cat roared in defiance and suprised me with a lightnin quick leap that caught me mid air. When he hit, I felt like I was at the Blessed anvil in Ironforge bein melted to slag. True to his namesake, fire exploded about us, my poor beard caught a slight singe from it to boot. But held fast I did, taking rakes from his claws while I held his mighty jaws at bay. We wrestled and tumbled, throwing eachother about as though the very Titans were tusslin! But in the end, this mighty cat came to honor my bravery as no other. No, I didna tame him, this one simply saw me as an equal and as fast as the fight began, it ended.

I can't tell ya if this Fire Spirit holds a God's soul or not, but damned be sure, when he roars, people listen! Well, he follows me about now, and a fine brother he is. I don't oown him so much as learn from him. Let it be learned, the best hunter knows to respect the wylde, and sometimes...sometimes, they give ya the respect in turn!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Return

Folks, I've been gone for a few months. I suppose there are questions why. Bottom line, Ive been deployed to Afghanistan and have just returned home. What this means? Well, I just got a new computer so Im downloading the game again. It also means that I have been easing back into non combat roles. So, I am still writing but have taken the time to enjoy not being shot at or bombed etc. Yes I am ok. No I am not a nut case. But I am taking a lot of time just enjoying the game and enjoying my time with my beloved wife Laura aka Mckaylee. You can still find me roaming about on Emerald Dream under Grmrhok or Cailadin/Khailadin. It may be a month or so before I pick up writing seriously because I am just trying to have fun again.

On the personal level, my wife is doing wonderful and a huge support in my re integration. I drink booze way too much...but shit happens. I am currently going through some health issues but it should clear up in a few days or so. I hope the WoW community hasnt written me off but if I have to re start from scratch its all good. So to those enjoying the game I applaud you all. I will have more stories, some of which will change a bit from my previous entries but thats ok. The Rusty Blade was meant to enjoy my get used to it!!! Have a good one out there in Azeroth and stay adventerous!!!

~Mhorgrim and alts

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Gates of Orgrimmar

It had been a few days since the probing attacks at the Tram terminal in Ironforge. Stormwind had also been hit, though far more grievously. While the Ironforge nobility wished to fight defensively, Bruenor had something different in mind. Though he pledged his loyalty and that of the Battlehammer clan to the Dwarven nation, he refused to bow to the politics of the day. The human King himself had been wounded and even now his healers worked feverishly to keep him alive. Clan King Bruenor decided to take the fight to the Horde rather than keep to the halls of the Capitol. To this end, he summoned his clansmen and ordered a mighty host to muster in the Commons.
Mounting up at King Bruenor's command.

By order, they marched on to Stormwind to take ships across the sea. The battered troops of Stormwind would welcome the extra dwarven aid without a doubt. And so they marched onward to the tram. Once there, the mighty host travelled and the mustered in Stormwind.

Formation ready for Stormwind march.

It took awhile as many of the clan wanted to enjoy the human city. The open air and towering walls were interesting to those who minded after architecture. Other's enjoyed the human food and drink. Of course the humans didn't mind, gold and silver traded hands fast and furious. For a dwarven warrior, though his coin be precious, it was also a way to show his or her power by spending it amongst others.\

On foot, the dwarven host crosses one of many Stormwind bridges.
Drunken Dwarf foot races, getting ready for the fight.

With the blood of the clan in fool fury, King Bruenor led his people to the docks and took to sail across the ocean to meet the Horde by blood and blade. It took a few weeks, but finally they made port on Theramore Isle and crossed the murly swamps in the Barrens. While marching on to take the Crossroads as a resupply point, a few Horde skirmishers gave some fight, but not enough to deter the Host. Bruenor knew that word would quickly reach Orgrimmar and blood would be spilt. This would be ok, let them be ready, for axe would meet axe and steel would spark fire.

In all of this, Grimrhok, who has recently been promoted to Corporal marched on with fire in his eyes. Mckaylee was there at his side and both were spoiling for a fight. Soon, the horde would feel the might of the Battlehammers. Though the march was long, he was hardened to the road. Things in the Barrens were different to him. Large tracts of Savannah grasslands, brken up with high plateaus. Personally, he missed the forests and mountains, but when the warhorns and drums of battle called, he danced readily to it's tune.

Finally after several days of march, the Host caught the Crossroads in their sites. Traditionaly the Horde had held this place as a beacon for trade and for armies to resupply at as they traveled. It wasn't huge, no more than a village really, but a prosperous one to say the least. For the Battlehammer's, it would serve as a resupply point and triage should things get ugly. From the tactical point of view, it was critical in taking and holding. Grimrhok readied his rifle and che4cked his equipment. When ready, the Battle drums beat and the fight ensued.

Chaos and blood reigns all as the fight for Crossroads rages on.
Holding ground, Grimrhok keeps a sharp eye out for counter attack.

Once the Crossroads were secure, the Clan left a defending force behind, to be ready for any orders that came down. This would insure that if any Horde attempted to retake the village, they would meet resistance, but also gave the clan an anchor to hold onto if things got ugly. The rest of the Clan raced north towards the Southfury entrance. More and more of the Horde came to battle them as they moved on, but their efforts slowed the clan vbery little in getting to the gates. Hellscream should have sent a better team of skirmishers to bring the clan to bay thought Grimrhok. With a chuckle and whistle, he urged his Battle Ram on to keep up with the rest of the host.

Grimrhok rides on the flanks to keep a sharp eye out for Horde attacks.

Approaching the River Gates.

The Battle ensues.

Once at the gates, the fight became furious. So, thought Grim, Hellscream had panned this. That wily orcish warlord put everything he had against the clan here to decide one way or another. The Bald bastard was smart after all. Steel met steel, mighty spells crackled in the skies. No quarter given or taken. The Horde forces indeed were mighty this day. Grim could only hope that by attrition, they would make Hellscream's forces think thrice afore they attempted another assault on the Alliance capitols. Though the dwarves fought hard and long, supplies began to dwindle. Since the rest of the Allaince was fractured, the Clan coulnd't breach the gates. Still, pound for pound and steel for steel, many were the Horde warrior that fell that day. Certainly, they gave pause to think another round or three before attacking any Alliance territory. In the end, though frustrated by not being able to breach their defenses, Grim walked away with mroe than a few orc and troll heads. He would have kept the forsaken ones, but they stank worse for the decay. Something wrong about the undead. Eh well, Grim knew he did his job right.

It felt like a stalemate, The Horde forces couldn't break out and make further menace, but the Clan couldn't break through with a decisive blow. Supplies ran low and so King Bruenor gave the signal to fall back. It wasn't his favorite order, but he would rather regroup and replenish than let his clan die at the gates with no help from Ironfore or Stormwind. Damned sure he wouldn't see help from the Darnassus enclave. Still, thee move was best for the clan. Of course many the tale would be regaled for their fine efforts and their hardened fighting.

Weeks later they reached Stormwind. From looting and pillaging, many was the coin spent, though mostly this time in the Dwarven District. Stories were told, bragging ensued as dwarves are want to do. Brothers and sisters came together and bonds were made deeper by blood and steel.

The Dwarven Tavern in Stormwind.

Drinking to the fallen, a moment of silence.

We did well to hold them off Grim thought as he scratched Greyfang's ear. It wasn't the win he had hoped for, but damned sure put a dent in the Horde plans to make a serious assault. Hopefully he thought, next time more support would be available.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rewards for hard fought battles

Grimrhok was pleased. High Command of the Dwarves had awarded him with a War Ram, fast, deadly and armed to the Horn! The black charger looked at him impatiently as he admired it's breeding. Only the finest warriors were awarded with such mounts to show all their accomplishments and deeds.
In Ironforge, only the finest warriors could have such a fine steed!

Clan BattleHammer Where Steel and Blood Meet

One of the largest forces defending the Alliance and especially Dwarven interests and Ironforge is Clan Battlehammer For two long years they have forged young dwarves into steel clad defenders of the Dwarven realms. Many has been the time they have staged assaults on key Horde controlled areas. Proudly, Grim could now call himself one of them. They were a hard bitten lot, and expected any of their recruits to be ready for the brutality that war brings. His own recruiter, Keella had made sure he understood that to stand amongst the Battlehammer and to serve King Bruenor, he would have to prove himself in battle continuously. Thankfully he came with good recommendations from his previous Commander. And so, he and his sweet Mckaylee took their oath of loyalty to King Bruenor to fight at his side ready and willing to answer the Call To Arms when asked for.
Mustering to the ranks, heeding the Call to Arms.

King Bruenor looked across the assembled force. His keen eye was quick to see those new amongst his ranks. He called them by name and inspected their gear to make sure they be ready for war. The King did his own inspections, showing his worth by walking amongst his troops. Each dwarf stood tall, making sure their arms and armor were clean, sharpened and ready to answer to the drums of battle. As the king neared Grim, his cocked an eyebrow.
"Well now, a hunter are ya? You've a fine little fox at your side. But whats this? Daggers instead of axes? "
"M'lord", Grim answered," My rifle does most the talkin' at range. But as my love Mckaylee has a lways said to me, a good pair of daggers is often the way to strike when least expected at close quarters. And when it comes to daggers, Mckaylee knows them better than most. But rest assured, Tis my rifle that be answerin' the most!". With that he presented to his new King the prized rifle which he kept religiously clean and at the ready.

The Clan Lord looked briefly but new the young hunter would not have presented his weapon ready less it was truly ready. He could see the focus in the young hunter's eyes. It was all he needed to know. Nodding with a mischievous wink, he moved on.

Inspection in the Ranks.

After the inspection finished, drums beat loudly in time with the hammers of Ironforge and the call to mount up at the ready sounded from ancient horns. Quickly, Grimrhok and his dear Mckaylee mounted their Rams and made ready for the patrols ahead. It would be the first time they fought together, and he could see the gleam in her eyes as they made ready to march. It gave him both chills and a sense of pride to see her in such a state. Aye, this would be a good fight no matter how it ended. Before mounting up, Grimrhok kneeled in the mighty halls and called out his prayers to the ancestors,

"Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the Great Halls, where the brave may live...forever.' (Giving credit this is a Norse prayer for war and burial written somewhere between the 12-13th century but I had to do it!!)

With that he whistled to his charger and lept up on his fearless Ram.

Mounting up and making ready for the march.

Commands were called and all got into a file to march through Ironforge and head to the great Tram which would take them to Stormwind.
Marching to the drums of war.
The tram was packed with the might host. Everyone stood shoulder to shoulder here.

Upon reaching Stormwind, everyone mounted once again, and made their march out amongst the humans. Many were surprised at the mighty host. But every soldier amongst the clan held their quiet discipline for the moment. Indeed, there would be a time and place for bragging and drinking. But for now, the shear numbers would do more talking than any word from the mouth. Women, children, soldiers stopped and took pause at the mighty host. Though this had not been the first time and certainly wouldnt be the last, the sight alone caused suprise by many of Stormwind's residents. Grim took pride in this. For most of his life he stood alone, surviving the harshness of the world by just his wit. But here, he felt as though he was a part of something greater than himself. It was something that felt noble and true. This made him straighten his broad back a little more and hold his head high.
Marching through Stormwind.
The march continued, a few stalwart Alliance heroes joined in here and there, just to say they had been with the mighty host. Bruenor led from the front. He would not stand behind his troops but instead be the first to swing his mighty Axe. Once past the gates of Stormwind, The army made their way into a samll town just outside the capitol, and made their presence known their. The local commander was glad to see such a mighty host to add to his own patrols. It kept bad elements out and away from Goldshire.

Heading into Goldshire.

Once the area had been secure, the Clan moved out towards WestfallStormwind had been building a new Battle Keep out there, but it still was in progress for completion, so forces there were constantly harassed by gnollish incursions, cataclysmic elementals, and as always, the looming threat of the Horde.
Wesfall as it stood now.
Along the way, the patrol encountered more than a few Horde skirmishers. Grimrhok and Mckaylee made sure they were in the front of any fight, whether by shadow or by rifle shot. No doubt many of their betters did far more damage, but they would not cower behind the mighty. No, it was better to die valiantly than live the life of a coward. Some of the Horde dove from the skies. Many of them felt the sting of Grimrhok's rifle as the made their decent! But of course, it was his betters that made the true and telling kills. when all was said and done and the threats dispersed, the host made it's way back to Ironforge. It had taken a few days to do this, but well worth the march.

After the patrol, Mckaylee makes sure Grim is ready for the final call.

Word spread quickly that the new recruits had shown themselves worth the steel and fire they spoke of. In fact an message had been sent to Grimrhok and Mckaylee to make ready to be presented to the King. Mckaylee naturally was ready to be presented. She had already washed and re-braided her raven dark hair. Grim had not thought of it himself. He lived in the fields and rarely worried. But his dearest convinced him it was for the best that he look his finest. He cleaned his armor, resharpened his daggers and oiled his rifle. She in turn oiled and plaited his fine dark bear. She carefully wove and braided it, adding new silver bands to show off that fine long beard. He couldn't argue. This was a way a dwarven maiden would always show a warrior her love. For the beard of a dwarf was a way to express he was a warrior amongst many. And a long beard said even more. Once done, the King had called a final formation. He called out the roles himself. He also demanded a few step forward for their bravery in combat. Unto each he proudly announced his decree of their actions and awards. Grimrhok and Mckaylee knelt before the King of the Battlehammer and received their just rewards.

The chosen few, new and old.

Before the Clan Lord.
Grim receives his recognition amongst the Clan.

When it was finished, there was a great celebration with plenty of ale, grog and for certain the finest foods. All rejoiced and hailed the king as well as each other. Everyone present was counted as brother and sister in war. With the celebration finished, Bruenor called his personal guard and his finest heroes.
"We've done well out there with our host. But a mightier threat looms. I call upon you my champions for a special mission. Only the greatest may come this round for I am not certain of the outcome. Give the others their respite. But to each of you my heroes, you all must mount up fast, for the Alliance needs us now more than ever! Mount up my brothers and Sisters for this ride I lead the Charge!"

(This was my introduction into Clan BattleHammer (Emerald Dream). It is a Dwarf centric guild and all about world pvp.  For those interested in knowing more about the clan you can log onto their website at: 

For some reason this won't link as it should. But Google it and you will find the Clan, or just copy paste into your browser for more information. These folk are a good lot and worth my time as a dwarf. If you enjoy Dwarf centric pvp, rp and just fun social, I really suggest you check them out!!!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aerie Peak..The Hinterlands

Well and good enough that I fought in Arathi. But there's more to be done elsewhere. Orders were received to head up North into the Hinterlands and make contact with the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak. Took me a few days to make my way there but oh was it an interesting sight. These Wildhammer folk are a righteous bunch. They make some damned fine ale as well. Aerie Peak itself is a fine example of Dwarven Craftsmanship.
At the Gates of Aerie Peak

The clan itself hails from a more savage time. They aren't quite as civilized in manner as the Hill Folk or those from might Ironforge. They have their own code of honor and it suits them well, independent, hard working, and fierce in combat. And by the Gods can they drink! Their grog is enough to but a stout on his hind quarter any day of the week.
A Wildhammer who fears little needs little more than his tattoos for War.

But with all that, their Great Hall where one can rest, eat, drink and laugh is warm and hearty. I'll enjoy my time here while I explore the Hinterlands and report back to High Command the doings of the Forsaken and the Troll encroachments. In the meantime, this Cherry Grog is the tastiest bit of drink I've had in a long bit!

A fine place to rest between forays!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Reapers...Shred This!!!

Grim finished his latest creation and took it for a test run. A couple of the soldiers on guard had a good chuckle over the small contraption. As with the Sheep experiment, Grim smiled with humor and let them get it out of their systems. Then, with a flick of a switch and a button pushed, the mechanical beast came to life. Not a bright thing, and certainly not pretty, but the razor sharp claws might add into the fray when things got heated. At least it reacted well to targeting.
Checking the Shredder Settings for maximum overkill!

Bones of the dead, after effect of shred mechanism!

Initial field testing proved to be most helpful to Grimrhok and his fellow soldiers. Four Horde assaults failed to retake the old Masterston Stables. With several traps to waylay the unwary, Greyfang his devilish fox, and the new shredder, Grim made a quick name for himself and his odd contraptions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The War Weary

"Grimrhok, I need you to attend a very important mission."

Grim looked up at the human commander. Not bad for a tall one, though kind of slow, and a bit too trusting. Must be that paladin code or something. He wasn't a bad sort, but since taking command, the stand off in Arathi had gone sour. Morale was a bit low these days and at least a few of the soldiers had disappeared in the night. Grim couldn't blame them, the Horde had taken a lot of ground of late. Civilians had fallen under the Forsaken plagues and bones littered the battlefield.

"Well then Sir, what ya need eh?"

"I need you to run escort, get the wounded back from the Refugee Camp and run them to our rear lines. Perhaps Menethil Harbor."

Holding at Arathi Refugee Camp

Gathering the civilians to head out.

Grim looked disappointed, he preferred the upfront action and the fighting. It was in his blood after all. With a sigh he rallied the wounded and the civilians to head back out of Arathi. From there, the would travel the long road across the Thanadol Span and back towards the Harbor. Granted the Harbor was fairly well flooded, but at least the taverns there could be used as a makeshift hospice. Even with full time healers, things got bloody still.
Menethil Harbor, flooded and broken, but it would have to do

"Oh, one last thing, take a couple days leave and visit your home." Grim couldn't argue. Least the man was kind to look after those who fought for him. Grabbing his pack he whistled to Greyfang, his deadly little fox and marched out.

Days later, they reached Menethil Harbor, the refugees dropped off, Grim paid for a flight back home. A few days of rest and all would be well for the next battle. He received word from the postmaster, that dear Mckaylee had left a letter to him. Opening the parchment, he read that she had indeed received the mechanical squirrel he had fashioned and loved it's playfulness. Even better, she would be waiting for him there to visit during his hard earned leave.


Spending a few extra silver, Grim bought a Griffon flight back home and indeed, enjoyed his leave!

A quiet lunch with smiles and laughter.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boom Sheep!

"Aye, that's right lads, nothin' like a sheep that can go BOOM! I'll tell ya, it's a fine sight to see when you're in the war front, watch that thing suprise a goblin or two I did!" Grimrhok took a deep drink from his ale jack as the other dwarves laughed. Well, they laughed only till he brought out the ticking, bleating sheep out. Then everyone cried in alarm and ducked under tables at the Inn if they didn't outright run for the door!

Well, hello there little fella!

Excellent sentry!

I can see Clearly now!

Grim reached the summit where he usually held vigil to defend the Arathi Basin with. This time though, he came prepared. Reaching into a small leather case, he pulled out his newly made Ornate Spyglass and looked about. immediately he spotted the Defiler's Den. Many were the Horde Soldiers mustering there. Looking about, Grim also noticed how other Horde forces had claimed area's of tactical interest. Brandishing his shotgun, he sent messenger's out to help coordinate the Command Battle team. No doubt this would be a hard fight ahead.

Mustering Forces at the Defiler's Den

Von Ostler's Farm taken by the Horde
Ryker's Blacksmith taken by the Horde
Allied Forces Rallying to counterstrike

The battle raged on and in time, the Horde Forces commanded by The Defilers were beaten back. Many soldiers fell that day and the cost was high. Still, for now, Arathi had been retaken and held.