Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Return

Folks, I've been gone for a few months. I suppose there are questions why. Bottom line, Ive been deployed to Afghanistan and have just returned home. What this means? Well, I just got a new computer so Im downloading the game again. It also means that I have been easing back into non combat roles. So, I am still writing but have taken the time to enjoy not being shot at or bombed etc. Yes I am ok. No I am not a nut case. But I am taking a lot of time just enjoying the game and enjoying my time with my beloved wife Laura aka Mckaylee. You can still find me roaming about on Emerald Dream under Grmrhok or Cailadin/Khailadin. It may be a month or so before I pick up writing seriously because I am just trying to have fun again.

On the personal level, my wife is doing wonderful and a huge support in my re integration. I drink booze way too much...but shit happens. I am currently going through some health issues but it should clear up in a few days or so. I hope the WoW community hasnt written me off but if I have to re start from scratch its all good. So to those enjoying the game I applaud you all. I will have more stories, some of which will change a bit from my previous entries but thats ok. The Rusty Blade was meant to enjoy my get used to it!!! Have a good one out there in Azeroth and stay adventerous!!!

~Mhorgrim and alts


  1. Welcome back!

    Now, surprising you do. As I could be heading there in little over a year once I've finished training. Was wondered how I could leave the blog and everything at a standstill XD

    Glad all is well,

    - Jamin

  2. It's good to see that you're finally home and safe to boot! It's been far to quiet with out you : P

  3. Jamin, Ratshag and Saz,
    HAH! It's good I still have fine people still reading these silly posts of mine! So glad ye dropped by! Thank you all for your support by the way. It means a lot to me....must....stop...bein...muusshhhy!