Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Life and fun time

Been starting to gear up for moving. Around the end of this month I will be very busy getting ready to move half way across the country. If my posts are few or very short, do excuse me, I been dealing with that ugly thing called real life.

Ok, that done, over the weekend I was working on my pvp hunter on the Horde side. Yup, more and more I been working Horde because...well it's interesting and refreshing. Anyways picked up a couple more pets for kicks. I enjoy my furry new spider. Can't deal with the spindly ones, it creeps me out. At least the Tarantula skins are somewhat furry so it's acceptable. Rolling through the 40's has been a bit of a challenge. Not leveling wise, that's easy enough. Actually trying to hit enough BG's with my limited time to gain more HP's. Why? Well, when I can pick up my pvp BOA gear at anytime, well its worth it. Problem though, the BGs for the last few days in the 40s hasn't been all that poppin. Matter of fact my wait times have been pretty extensive. I'm not sure why though. The BGs are interesting but I see a lot of long wait times even up to unavailable altogether. But the few that I did participate in have been fun if not challenging. Most of the time I've been in winning runs, occasionally though....well people still hav3ent figured out the basic team effort thing. I also notice a distinct lack of healers in queue. That puts huge disadvantages on the teams Ive ran with. The new adjustments for the WSG maps make things very interesting. I can't figure out why people haven't used the multi lv GY's for camping. It would be easier once your main force is pushed back. Anyways I kinda like it. It's a pain in the ass when your a defender because you still have to move back

Most importantly though I been having more fun lately. I enjoy exploring a lot of places I missed. Anyways, till next round, see ya on the high ground!