Monday, July 4, 2011

Working in the Firelands

So...the battlefield is littered with the scorched bones of the dead. The Fire Lands. Feared by all but the hardiest hero. The war grinds on and the entrance to the Fire Lands is no different. Bones litter the battlefield as the Horde and Alliance work both for the good of Azeroth yet against one another in a swirling mass of blades, clouds of arrows and flashes of Arcane Magicks. Here you should fear to tread...especially if you work on the PvP servers. There is no peace, only WAR!

So my friends, welcome to Daily hell, there are a ton of them, after you get through the gates, you will find at least 4 daily quests to get you more of those tokens. Build them up as you will need them to progress further past the Gates of Hell. So far, very interesting and wow is it a battle field from hell out there. On a pvp server but don't want to directly get slammed? Well, stay close to the Defender NPCs and use a lot of range. Not a ranged combatant? Use Stealth. No stealth? Have lotsa friends and mass mob it. Just my 2 cents here. Oh...little fun pic for you all as I was coming into the Fire Lands:

Combating the Elements of Fire.

Seeing the Bones of the Dead.

Victory is mine after a bloody fight.