Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clan BattleHammer Where Steel and Blood Meet

One of the largest forces defending the Alliance and especially Dwarven interests and Ironforge is Clan Battlehammer For two long years they have forged young dwarves into steel clad defenders of the Dwarven realms. Many has been the time they have staged assaults on key Horde controlled areas. Proudly, Grim could now call himself one of them. They were a hard bitten lot, and expected any of their recruits to be ready for the brutality that war brings. His own recruiter, Keella had made sure he understood that to stand amongst the Battlehammer and to serve King Bruenor, he would have to prove himself in battle continuously. Thankfully he came with good recommendations from his previous Commander. And so, he and his sweet Mckaylee took their oath of loyalty to King Bruenor to fight at his side ready and willing to answer the Call To Arms when asked for.
Mustering to the ranks, heeding the Call to Arms.

King Bruenor looked across the assembled force. His keen eye was quick to see those new amongst his ranks. He called them by name and inspected their gear to make sure they be ready for war. The King did his own inspections, showing his worth by walking amongst his troops. Each dwarf stood tall, making sure their arms and armor were clean, sharpened and ready to answer to the drums of battle. As the king neared Grim, his cocked an eyebrow.
"Well now, a hunter are ya? You've a fine little fox at your side. But whats this? Daggers instead of axes? "
"M'lord", Grim answered," My rifle does most the talkin' at range. But as my love Mckaylee has a lways said to me, a good pair of daggers is often the way to strike when least expected at close quarters. And when it comes to daggers, Mckaylee knows them better than most. But rest assured, Tis my rifle that be answerin' the most!". With that he presented to his new King the prized rifle which he kept religiously clean and at the ready.

The Clan Lord looked briefly but new the young hunter would not have presented his weapon ready less it was truly ready. He could see the focus in the young hunter's eyes. It was all he needed to know. Nodding with a mischievous wink, he moved on.

Inspection in the Ranks.

After the inspection finished, drums beat loudly in time with the hammers of Ironforge and the call to mount up at the ready sounded from ancient horns. Quickly, Grimrhok and his dear Mckaylee mounted their Rams and made ready for the patrols ahead. It would be the first time they fought together, and he could see the gleam in her eyes as they made ready to march. It gave him both chills and a sense of pride to see her in such a state. Aye, this would be a good fight no matter how it ended. Before mounting up, Grimrhok kneeled in the mighty halls and called out his prayers to the ancestors,

"Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the Great Halls, where the brave may live...forever.' (Giving credit this is a Norse prayer for war and burial written somewhere between the 12-13th century but I had to do it!!)

With that he whistled to his charger and lept up on his fearless Ram.

Mounting up and making ready for the march.

Commands were called and all got into a file to march through Ironforge and head to the great Tram which would take them to Stormwind.
Marching to the drums of war.
The tram was packed with the might host. Everyone stood shoulder to shoulder here.

Upon reaching Stormwind, everyone mounted once again, and made their march out amongst the humans. Many were surprised at the mighty host. But every soldier amongst the clan held their quiet discipline for the moment. Indeed, there would be a time and place for bragging and drinking. But for now, the shear numbers would do more talking than any word from the mouth. Women, children, soldiers stopped and took pause at the mighty host. Though this had not been the first time and certainly wouldnt be the last, the sight alone caused suprise by many of Stormwind's residents. Grim took pride in this. For most of his life he stood alone, surviving the harshness of the world by just his wit. But here, he felt as though he was a part of something greater than himself. It was something that felt noble and true. This made him straighten his broad back a little more and hold his head high.
Marching through Stormwind.
The march continued, a few stalwart Alliance heroes joined in here and there, just to say they had been with the mighty host. Bruenor led from the front. He would not stand behind his troops but instead be the first to swing his mighty Axe. Once past the gates of Stormwind, The army made their way into a samll town just outside the capitol, and made their presence known their. The local commander was glad to see such a mighty host to add to his own patrols. It kept bad elements out and away from Goldshire.

Heading into Goldshire.

Once the area had been secure, the Clan moved out towards WestfallStormwind had been building a new Battle Keep out there, but it still was in progress for completion, so forces there were constantly harassed by gnollish incursions, cataclysmic elementals, and as always, the looming threat of the Horde.
Wesfall as it stood now.
Along the way, the patrol encountered more than a few Horde skirmishers. Grimrhok and Mckaylee made sure they were in the front of any fight, whether by shadow or by rifle shot. No doubt many of their betters did far more damage, but they would not cower behind the mighty. No, it was better to die valiantly than live the life of a coward. Some of the Horde dove from the skies. Many of them felt the sting of Grimrhok's rifle as the made their decent! But of course, it was his betters that made the true and telling kills. when all was said and done and the threats dispersed, the host made it's way back to Ironforge. It had taken a few days to do this, but well worth the march.

After the patrol, Mckaylee makes sure Grim is ready for the final call.

Word spread quickly that the new recruits had shown themselves worth the steel and fire they spoke of. In fact an message had been sent to Grimrhok and Mckaylee to make ready to be presented to the King. Mckaylee naturally was ready to be presented. She had already washed and re-braided her raven dark hair. Grim had not thought of it himself. He lived in the fields and rarely worried. But his dearest convinced him it was for the best that he look his finest. He cleaned his armor, resharpened his daggers and oiled his rifle. She in turn oiled and plaited his fine dark bear. She carefully wove and braided it, adding new silver bands to show off that fine long beard. He couldn't argue. This was a way a dwarven maiden would always show a warrior her love. For the beard of a dwarf was a way to express he was a warrior amongst many. And a long beard said even more. Once done, the King had called a final formation. He called out the roles himself. He also demanded a few step forward for their bravery in combat. Unto each he proudly announced his decree of their actions and awards. Grimrhok and Mckaylee knelt before the King of the Battlehammer and received their just rewards.

The chosen few, new and old.

Before the Clan Lord.
Grim receives his recognition amongst the Clan.

When it was finished, there was a great celebration with plenty of ale, grog and for certain the finest foods. All rejoiced and hailed the king as well as each other. Everyone present was counted as brother and sister in war. With the celebration finished, Bruenor called his personal guard and his finest heroes.
"We've done well out there with our host. But a mightier threat looms. I call upon you my champions for a special mission. Only the greatest may come this round for I am not certain of the outcome. Give the others their respite. But to each of you my heroes, you all must mount up fast, for the Alliance needs us now more than ever! Mount up my brothers and Sisters for this ride I lead the Charge!"

(This was my introduction into Clan BattleHammer (Emerald Dream). It is a Dwarf centric guild and all about world pvp.  For those interested in knowing more about the clan you can log onto their website at: 

For some reason this won't link as it should. But Google it and you will find the Clan, or just copy paste into your browser for more information. These folk are a good lot and worth my time as a dwarf. If you enjoy Dwarf centric pvp, rp and just fun social, I really suggest you check them out!!!)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is a pleasure to spin a story or two!

  2. (In comment the the past three, and especially this one)

    What a great read these have proved to be! Really refreshing. Short and sweet too! Reminds me of my Cataclysm Journals, but with a more original and RolePlaying/Fanfiction twist!

    Images are really good!

    Also, I took notice that you are on the Emerald Dream server (EU) very soon! To join Dora (The explorers) guild - Paranoid!

    Keep them coming,

    - Jamin

  3. @Jamin ~ Im glad you've enjoyed the story thus far. It's been reaaly a blast writing it.

  4. Just to clarify... Emerald Dream is a (US) server.