Friday, July 22, 2011

Aerie Peak..The Hinterlands

Well and good enough that I fought in Arathi. But there's more to be done elsewhere. Orders were received to head up North into the Hinterlands and make contact with the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak. Took me a few days to make my way there but oh was it an interesting sight. These Wildhammer folk are a righteous bunch. They make some damned fine ale as well. Aerie Peak itself is a fine example of Dwarven Craftsmanship.
At the Gates of Aerie Peak

The clan itself hails from a more savage time. They aren't quite as civilized in manner as the Hill Folk or those from might Ironforge. They have their own code of honor and it suits them well, independent, hard working, and fierce in combat. And by the Gods can they drink! Their grog is enough to but a stout on his hind quarter any day of the week.
A Wildhammer who fears little needs little more than his tattoos for War.

But with all that, their Great Hall where one can rest, eat, drink and laugh is warm and hearty. I'll enjoy my time here while I explore the Hinterlands and report back to High Command the doings of the Forsaken and the Troll encroachments. In the meantime, this Cherry Grog is the tastiest bit of drink I've had in a long bit!

A fine place to rest between forays!

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