Friday, July 22, 2011

Aerie Peak..The Hinterlands

Well and good enough that I fought in Arathi. But there's more to be done elsewhere. Orders were received to head up North into the Hinterlands and make contact with the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak. Took me a few days to make my way there but oh was it an interesting sight. These Wildhammer folk are a righteous bunch. They make some damned fine ale as well. Aerie Peak itself is a fine example of Dwarven Craftsmanship.
At the Gates of Aerie Peak

The clan itself hails from a more savage time. They aren't quite as civilized in manner as the Hill Folk or those from might Ironforge. They have their own code of honor and it suits them well, independent, hard working, and fierce in combat. And by the Gods can they drink! Their grog is enough to but a stout on his hind quarter any day of the week.
A Wildhammer who fears little needs little more than his tattoos for War.

But with all that, their Great Hall where one can rest, eat, drink and laugh is warm and hearty. I'll enjoy my time here while I explore the Hinterlands and report back to High Command the doings of the Forsaken and the Troll encroachments. In the meantime, this Cherry Grog is the tastiest bit of drink I've had in a long bit!

A fine place to rest between forays!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Reapers...Shred This!!!

Grim finished his latest creation and took it for a test run. A couple of the soldiers on guard had a good chuckle over the small contraption. As with the Sheep experiment, Grim smiled with humor and let them get it out of their systems. Then, with a flick of a switch and a button pushed, the mechanical beast came to life. Not a bright thing, and certainly not pretty, but the razor sharp claws might add into the fray when things got heated. At least it reacted well to targeting.
Checking the Shredder Settings for maximum overkill!

Bones of the dead, after effect of shred mechanism!

Initial field testing proved to be most helpful to Grimrhok and his fellow soldiers. Four Horde assaults failed to retake the old Masterston Stables. With several traps to waylay the unwary, Greyfang his devilish fox, and the new shredder, Grim made a quick name for himself and his odd contraptions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The War Weary

"Grimrhok, I need you to attend a very important mission."

Grim looked up at the human commander. Not bad for a tall one, though kind of slow, and a bit too trusting. Must be that paladin code or something. He wasn't a bad sort, but since taking command, the stand off in Arathi had gone sour. Morale was a bit low these days and at least a few of the soldiers had disappeared in the night. Grim couldn't blame them, the Horde had taken a lot of ground of late. Civilians had fallen under the Forsaken plagues and bones littered the battlefield.

"Well then Sir, what ya need eh?"

"I need you to run escort, get the wounded back from the Refugee Camp and run them to our rear lines. Perhaps Menethil Harbor."

Holding at Arathi Refugee Camp

Gathering the civilians to head out.

Grim looked disappointed, he preferred the upfront action and the fighting. It was in his blood after all. With a sigh he rallied the wounded and the civilians to head back out of Arathi. From there, the would travel the long road across the Thanadol Span and back towards the Harbor. Granted the Harbor was fairly well flooded, but at least the taverns there could be used as a makeshift hospice. Even with full time healers, things got bloody still.
Menethil Harbor, flooded and broken, but it would have to do

"Oh, one last thing, take a couple days leave and visit your home." Grim couldn't argue. Least the man was kind to look after those who fought for him. Grabbing his pack he whistled to Greyfang, his deadly little fox and marched out.

Days later, they reached Menethil Harbor, the refugees dropped off, Grim paid for a flight back home. A few days of rest and all would be well for the next battle. He received word from the postmaster, that dear Mckaylee had left a letter to him. Opening the parchment, he read that she had indeed received the mechanical squirrel he had fashioned and loved it's playfulness. Even better, she would be waiting for him there to visit during his hard earned leave.


Spending a few extra silver, Grim bought a Griffon flight back home and indeed, enjoyed his leave!

A quiet lunch with smiles and laughter.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boom Sheep!

"Aye, that's right lads, nothin' like a sheep that can go BOOM! I'll tell ya, it's a fine sight to see when you're in the war front, watch that thing suprise a goblin or two I did!" Grimrhok took a deep drink from his ale jack as the other dwarves laughed. Well, they laughed only till he brought out the ticking, bleating sheep out. Then everyone cried in alarm and ducked under tables at the Inn if they didn't outright run for the door!

Well, hello there little fella!

Excellent sentry!

I can see Clearly now!

Grim reached the summit where he usually held vigil to defend the Arathi Basin with. This time though, he came prepared. Reaching into a small leather case, he pulled out his newly made Ornate Spyglass and looked about. immediately he spotted the Defiler's Den. Many were the Horde Soldiers mustering there. Looking about, Grim also noticed how other Horde forces had claimed area's of tactical interest. Brandishing his shotgun, he sent messenger's out to help coordinate the Command Battle team. No doubt this would be a hard fight ahead.

Mustering Forces at the Defiler's Den

Von Ostler's Farm taken by the Horde
Ryker's Blacksmith taken by the Horde
Allied Forces Rallying to counterstrike

The battle raged on and in time, the Horde Forces commanded by The Defilers were beaten back. Many soldiers fell that day and the cost was high. Still, for now, Arathi had been retaken and held.