Friday, June 24, 2011

Indecision is a Bitch

Lately I been experimenting with several alts trying to build professions and experience different classes back and forth. This has slowed the progress of Grimnhak to a grinding halt. He hit 80, started questing in Hyjal and....well I keep switching around. The current guild I belong to has humored me though occasionally I recieve a ribbing here and there as I never seem to settle. Summer is here so its not a big deal since the guild has gone pretty silent for the time being while everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and doing stuff. My wife and I work together on different alt combos but we never seem to settle on one team. She has gotten into BGs now with her rogue and is enjoying it. I've quieted down my BG activity in favor of running around doing other stuff.

But where is it leading to? I'm not sure at the moment. I want to keep progressing with Grim but sometimes even that is a chore. Not that the quests are hard, most are super easy with a hunter. But then what happens when he reaches 85? Do I dare to get into the raiding business? I'm not sure. The reason is that I can't commit to a particular schedule with my work. Matter of fact, because of being out of town on the job for a 3 month stint, I won't be playing WoW at all. I think this has had a direct effect on my focus to get Grim finally complete. It also has me chasing my tail as to what to play on any given day. I like working at toons. I hate seeing my time grow short though. So...I am at a crossroads to to speak. Ehh well, friday is here and tonight after I finish up with work I'll log on and beat down some XP, though with whom I dont know yet. Guess we will see when it happens. Happy weekend everyone, I'll catch ya after a bit!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Micro transactions the the Haters I see

So a few days a go I was pretty proud of my new Spirit Lion mount. I enjoyed the hell out of it. It wasn't a game changer, but damned if I didn't hear a bunch of QQ on the server for it. I couldn't figure out why initially. Then I hopped over to Elfi's World and found this. Ahh so this wasn't the first time this happened. I didn't know as I didn't pay much attention when the Sparkle Pony hit the scene. I didn't really much like the sparkle pony so didn't bother to collect it. I was too busy doing other stuff anyhow to pay much attention. Now when the Lion showed up, I was pretty stoked, and I think a lot of people were too. Vas and Fyreuni over at Daily Quests had some good things to say with the help of Kelly Aaron's  fine artwork from WOW EH?. Though the commentary certainly sparked up a little controversy.

So what's the beef err kittyniption fits with all of this? Because someone wishes to spend a little of their money on a collector's piece it means they have no life? I have to wonder because more often than not I don't have the time to rep grind my life a way for some damned flyin lizard. Personaly I got other stuff to do involving the real life and I don't have the time to grind on boring rep runs. Is it a moral issue or evil corporation plot to steal your money? Doubt it, it isn't a critical item in the world of micro transactions. It is good business though. I am sure that Blizz made a ton of money off of this purely cosmetic mount. But you don't loose any content for not buying it. When Blizz announced the sale of the hippogriff hatchling everyone applauded them because they donated sales funds to the Japan disaster. Oh, so it's ok as long as they aren't making money and it makes the players feel as if they contributed to the real world in a significant way? Really? How come the players didn't just donate to the relief effort out of the kindness of their heart? How come they needed to get something in return and feel like they were being humanitarian? Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Don't get me wrong, the idea was very successful and it did help those poor folks in Japan. I think Blizz did an awesome thing there.

But why can't Blizz just make something that is a cosmetic affectation and get profit from it? They are in fact a business and are there to make money. That isn't a sin by the way. It's there for the collectors or those who want something a little different. To be honest on my Server (Emerald Dream) Horde side I don't see too many roaming around. I still feel a little unique.

Oh, and for those whining about content? Hmm Blizz since Cata has come out with remakes of old dungeons that I got a kick doing and can now look forward to doing again in a different way. They have been working to get The Firelands out with all kinds of cool new stuff to enjoy. They will continue to produce more interesting stuff in the future. But for the jaded ones out there that find all of this too annoying...QUIT. Go away. Don't make threats, just do it. Leave...bye. Stop whining like 10 year olds that are jealous over having to buy something that is purely cosmetic. That shows a total new level of jealoust because your not willing to pay beyond your monthly sub. Can't afford it? Get another job that pays better.

Ok, my rant for the day. You all have a wonderful day out there in Azeroth. I'll do the same.