Monday, May 23, 2011

What I wish Blizz would think about..

I love Azeroth. I enjoy exploring it. I love questing in it, and I super love the Battlegrounds even though no one ever listens to solid strategy on the Horde side anymore for PuG teams. But I think I am beginning to see why so many feel disenchanted by Cataclysm. Before I go on, no I aint leaving no Im not quitting. But I am understanding a few things.

See, I belong to the Emerald Dream Ser, supposedly an RP-PvP server. But PvP in the open world is really dead, and so are most of the cities around Azeroth. The only two exceptions to this rule are Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Everything got centralized to two main locations and getting to any dungeon is as easy as a simple click. The game stopped being a serious world experience. Oh sure you can explore and fly everywhere but the world became smaller and we dont see so many people any mroe. ITs not that they arent out there. Its that why bother to travel anywhere when you can do randoms to level up. Mats arent nearly in demand as they used to be (btw thats sampling across about 7 servers so far) so the need to go get them is pointless. Crafting has become a joke till end game so there isnt a reason to really bother making stuff because crafted gear with a few small exceptions is pretty subpar compared to what you get in randoms.

There isnt a reason to travel for most players anymore. Mind you I still love to explore and see the sights and often do when Im not actively engaged in battle. But the open world of pvp is dead. The fear and adrenaline is gone. As someone who plays on a pvp server I might run across some hapless opponent once every two weeks real time. There are know objectives anymore and this bothers me. I didnt mind that the world got turned upside down. I didnt mind that the mechanics changed. I minded that the game became 2 hub points and no sense of high adventure where there was actual risk.

In the effort to make the game accessable to the casual player, the game got dumbed down. IF Im out questing just to feel a little rush I need to take every 2 man+ or red quest just to get a little tingle of the fear factor. Otherwise its a grind.

The Cities - Once upon a time almost every city had activity. Even Silvermoon city though for less than noble purposes. When I was alliance I remember Ironforge being teaming with folks. I also remember the constant invasions from Horde, it was thrilling! But we dont want to be bothered with danger anymore I guess. I also remember when Onyxia would occasionally come in and rip Stormwind a new hole or three. Not anymore. See in the effort to appease the lazy and yes I will use lazy in this instance, Blizzard has been letting the world die slowly to become 2 small compartmentalized bubbles. In all of this I wish Blizzard would look at what they are doing. Ther is so much potential that is wasted. I mean why not just get rid of the other cities? We dont need them anymore really.

Ok, I'm ranting today. I admit it. I guess as much as I have been supporting WoW, I got to have my gripe sessions too. Its just a little depressing o feel always alone on a server with almost no interaction. And yes I do try. But most people are afk or dont want to bother. My guild is active, and I chat with them daily, been making good friendships too. But the world seems empty to me...depressing.