Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Epic Sword in The Sunken Temple

The Dragon's Call Blade
So, I couldn't resist bragging rights here. Just got done doing a random dungeon as I am leveling up my Paladin. I get queued up and end up in The Sunken Temple and got this beauty of a Sword: The Dragon's Call . All I can say is for a lowbie sword, this thing rocks! I haven't gotten the whelp to proc yet, but still you gotta love the simple things like this to entertain your day. After all, how often do you get an epic drop during your lowbie leveling days?

Hunting for Rares in The Badlands

So just my luck, I am out getting more mithril to get to my next sets of jewel crafting (which by the way is my favorite for crafting out of all of the skills) and what do I meet up with? Not one, not two, but THREE rare monsters which I think can be tamable. If not they are still worth the hunt. All of these were met within 5 minutes of playtime. Now, first if you are hunting rares, do yourself a favor and get the Silverdragon addon from . It's definitely worth your time if you are hunting down rare pets or Mobs.

So to it, here are some quick screenshots of what I found out there in the Badlands:

 Fun lil dragon lizard. Not sure if he is tamable, but still and interesting quick fight and definitely a cool hunt! He is pretty daunting to look at, but a skilled adventurer can take him down at level with no major difficulties. If he isn't tamable, Blizz needs to be smacked on the nose as this one would be well worth having as a hunter pet.

Now this fine devil of a Scorpid is named Serkett. He loves dropping poison splashes all of the place, so watch your footing. Imagine having this Albino Scorpid rolling with you out to the Battlegrounds!

Evil beastie here. Another hunter favorite I'll be willing to bet.

Well fellow adventurers, if you find yourself out in the Badlands, look these fellows up if nothing else, then for bragging rights on your up and coming adventurers. And who knows? Maybe you will take on of these fine beasts home to show off the the world.

Exploring Azeroth...Caer Darrow (Scholomance)

It's common for players in WoW these days to rush through instances and link into LFD to level and gear as they progress. Sadly, there is so much lore in this game which has been forgotton. One of the things I still enjoy doing is exploring and linking the past of Azeroth with what is currently going on. To this end, while I am out and about I really enjoy finding little tidbits and information during my travels. To that end, I think it's important for players to enjoy the rich world that has been constructed for them.

So, today while out doing a mining run with my Paladin Ahrius, I also was finishing his exploration of the Western Plaguelands. Lake Darrowmere was my last hit. Now, I rememebr back in the pre Burning Crusade days when Scholomance was one of the tougher places to roll through. It also had some of the heaviest concentration of treasures that gleaned tons of gold (well for back then anyhow). But few have returned to the outlaying areas of the instance. Now it may not seem like much...but there is a place here worth your time as a crafter to hit up, hence the exploration piece.

From the north side of Lake Darrowmere
Now before I get into the actual bonus of coming into Caer Darrow, let's take a moment for a quick history lesson which I got from the all famous WoWwiki. Please understand, everything here was lifted from WoWwiki for your information purposes only:

Ancient History

The island where the ruined town of Caer Darrow now sits was long ago the keeping place of an ancient runestone, known as the Runestone of Caer Darrow. The runestone served as an ancient monolith sacred to the high elves of Quel'Thalas. The artifact is said to have been erected by elven druids, a description which provides the only indication in lore that any high elves ever followed a druidic path. Runestones were later changed to have served as a barrier so that the Burning Legion would be unaware of the high elves' arcane magic.
The island has also been the site of one or more human fortifications dating back to the days of the empire of Arathor.

The Second War

During the Second War, the island was invaded by the Horde, the fortress sacked, and the sacred runestone captured. The stone was hewn into pieces which were used to create the Altars of Storms, arcane structures which allowed Gul'dan to instill magic into the Horde's ogre allies.
When Uther Lightbringer embarked for the isle on a mission of mercy to aid and comfort the survivors of the bloody raid, he was ambushed by privateers from Alterac. In the naval battle that followed, some of the sailors were captured; during questioning in Lordaeron's capital, they confessed their nation's treachery to the Alliance, leading to Alterac's eventual ruin.

The Barovs and Scholomance

Following the Second War, the fortress at Caer Darrow was restored; the rule of the island by the Barov family dates back to at least this time. The Barovs were extremely wealthy, owning the land which comprised Caer Darrow, Brill, Southshore, and Tarren Mill. Not content with their enormous holdings, the Barovs entered into a deal with the human mage Kel'Thuzad, leader of the Cult of the Damned. The once opulent House of Barov became the horrific Scholomance, a school of necromancy. The spirits of many of the island's inhabitants remain, seeking justice for the horrific wrongs committed there.

Fall of the town

The people of Caer Darrow survived within their small town for several months after the fall of Lordaeron. When the Scourge invaded Andorhal however, a large host attacked Caer Darrow. Aided by troops from Scholomance, it was then that the town finally came to an end.

Current State

The island and surrounding lake have become lifeless and still. Only meager fish are still able to survive in the murky waters and the towering fortress seems to suck hope itself from the surrounding air. Every year or so new students can be seen entering the manor, or graduates grimly sulking out. Only ghosts of the town's former inhabitants remain, only visible with the spectral essence given by the manor's former servants. The townspeople seem to be cursed to re-live Caer Darrow's happiest day for all eternity, the visitation of Uther the Lightbringer.

Ok, that was your quick history lesson. The cool part though was finding Magnus Frostwake in one of the outlaying buildings. He has a couple of really nice Alchamy and Blacksmithing recipes that are excellent for lower level gear. It is worth your time if you collect recipes or just need a couple of really solid pieces of gear to come out and visit the old spectre. He is a friendly sort as ghosts go, and his prices are...well reasonable heh heh heh.

Recipes worth your time if you are an alchemist or Blacksmith
  So, in the end, don't discount these old places folks, you just might be passing up some recipes or gear you never knew existed. In the end, Azeroth still has a ton of things to offer..if you look hard enough. It's no always about rushing to the end game, but rather the journey and the roads you take to get there.

Till next time, may your pockets be lined with gold, ans glory be brought to your name!