Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hunting for Rares in The Badlands

So just my luck, I am out getting more mithril to get to my next sets of jewel crafting (which by the way is my favorite for crafting out of all of the skills) and what do I meet up with? Not one, not two, but THREE rare monsters which I think can be tamable. If not they are still worth the hunt. All of these were met within 5 minutes of playtime. Now, first if you are hunting rares, do yourself a favor and get the Silverdragon addon from . It's definitely worth your time if you are hunting down rare pets or Mobs.

So to it, here are some quick screenshots of what I found out there in the Badlands:

 Fun lil dragon lizard. Not sure if he is tamable, but still and interesting quick fight and definitely a cool hunt! He is pretty daunting to look at, but a skilled adventurer can take him down at level with no major difficulties. If he isn't tamable, Blizz needs to be smacked on the nose as this one would be well worth having as a hunter pet.

Now this fine devil of a Scorpid is named Serkett. He loves dropping poison splashes all of the place, so watch your footing. Imagine having this Albino Scorpid rolling with you out to the Battlegrounds!

Evil beastie here. Another hunter favorite I'll be willing to bet.

Well fellow adventurers, if you find yourself out in the Badlands, look these fellows up if nothing else, then for bragging rights on your up and coming adventurers. And who knows? Maybe you will take on of these fine beasts home to show off the the world.


  1. I didn't realise these existed :D

  2. As a hunter i want them all :)

  3. Yup I hear ya! But hey check em out when you got the chance guys. There are plenty of rare spawns out there across the old world. They make for interesting times. Glad you all liked this post :)

  4. Ohhhhhh GREAT!
    Now I have to change over to my hunter and hunt them down.
    No I am not compulsive, I just have to do it RIGHT NOW.

    1. Indeed, actually there are more out there and I'll be consolidating them in time for the old world. If you are interested in pandaran pets, check out mrandmrswow they have been cornering that area quite nicely.