Saturday, June 18, 2011

Addictions and gaming

To start this off, WoW is an addiction to me. I think I understand why. Aside from the friendships I have obtained throughout my gaming time, the game itself is an addiction. Why? Well look at our world today. Everyday you see some politician or high ranking person getting caught doing something wrong that has a long running pattern. In America we see alot of powerful people soccumbing to the power which they hold. They are addicted to the power which they sought to perhaps originally help the people around them. Neitchze (sp?) once wrote that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Truth be known it is a driving force in the real world. In the gaming world we get endorphins released everytime we gain new acheivements or down new boss fights, new pvp grounds etc. It is a digital reflection of the real world we live in. Tough in the gaming world, those who continue WoW are addiced to the conquest, not sex or drugs or booze.

It's important for many to realize this as it is a true part of their identity. Am I saying WoW is bad for the brain? NO! But we see patterns though we don't often recognize them. What I do want to point out is that WoW is a game not real life. We can't define our MMO experiences only by our achievements. Every day we live we contribute to the world for good or bad. So why is WoW such an addictive run? I mean its outlasted most MMO's. Is it the gratification linked to our need for acheivement in a real world that is ultra heroic? I dunno. I can't be a judge there. You see, I have traveled to several countries and achieved several things in the real world for my efforts. But something about this game keeps me coming back trying to acheive more.

In the end everyone who plays this almost sacred MMO must decide for themselves whether or not they are addicted to the ability to acheive on a digital basis. For me, I continue to explore, fight, die and gain more skill as I can. Here I am a hero or villian depending on which side you take. My friends welcome me warmly whether in guild or across the blogosphere. Here I am known and respected. I love this, do you? That is an answer you need to give honeslty through a long look in the mirror.

Good luck out there in Azeroth and please all, enjoy the game. Don't make it a job, we all have that in the real world. PLAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alt time..for fun

Ok so I am an altiholic, been working a blood elf tank while my wife has been working on a blood elf ret pally. It's fun questing with her again as a couple and challenging to maintain rage with her dps. We have tried a couple instances though the gogoggogogogo mentality still is a pain. I like to plan my attacks personally but sometimes I just have to rush and hope for the best. I could be an idiot and kick folks out but...well it isn't worth it. My hunter is mostly gathering now as he isn't holding up well in the BG's but time will tell for him as well.

So I created Cailadin here. While I don't RP much anymore, I do like to set motivations and immersion as I can.  Keeps me from firing my toons lol. Not much to say but grinding through Ghostlands. Since it didn't change much at all post Cata it's sort of boring. Oh here is a screen of his Spirit Lion mount, very nice though as a blood elf he is sort of dwarfed my it's size. The orcs look much better with it. Still it's a ton better than the turkey to me. My wife has the cool pally mount which looks awesome for belfs...I'm a little jealous as far as land mounts lol.

So that's my update for now. Have fun out there in Azeroth and remember there are always new things to try out when ya get burned raiding or PvPing :)