Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting the Myth

I saw him once. Rumor had it a great Spirit wolf roamed the upper reaches of the Storm Peaks in Northrend. I could'na resist, even though I was a wee bit undergeared fro such an undertakin'. Word had it that I might have what it took to find such a beast, though most laughed at the mere mention of mighty Skoll, Howler of the North. Others shuddered, kept to their drink and wished me a painless death for me troubles. Well, armed with what I had, I set out to the frozen Storm Peaks. True enough, the land that Skoll supposedly roamed was frought with giants, drakes and of course...plenty of Horde. Dangers be damned I pressed on.

Weeks later, one bone cold night I finally heard the chilling howl of this beast. Sure enough, it froze me a second or two. But then peerin from a fur tree stand I spotted him. Sure as sure what a terrifying site he was. Fangs as big as me legs is all I'm sayin. No I wasn't afeared ya blasted son of a troll! But what a sight! I set me traps to hold him down and made my play for tamin this great no avail. Damned creature looked me square in the eye with a warning and simply walked off. Not one o' me tricks even so much as touched on him. Nope, this time I had'na the skill. But I'd be back an said as much for it! Oh next time I'd figure a way...if the north didna kill me first!

Not skilled yet...but I'd be back!