Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5.3 PvP Rage

5.3 is up and running folks. It's largest selling point (the pvp changes) has also been it's most contentious one. There is a lot of debate on the effects of the baseline 65% resiliency, the capping of gear and the PvE gear in end game BG's.

The bickering seems to rage on as furious as Vol'jin's and Garrosh's attempts at each other's throats. Speaking of which, interesting storyline changes out there as well. Drop back down to some of the beginning zones in Durotan, seems Garrosh has put his uber elite Ko'Kran guards in place to keep things "peaceful". Rebellion is in the air folks. Wouldn't it be a hoot to see the Darkspear drop from the Horde roles and run a little with the Alliance? Holy crap that would have me rolling. The Tauren from what I've heard ain't too happy bout the situation either.

But back to my original thoughts. With all the extreme rage going on about mechanics changes, I gotta laugh at some of the inflexibility of folks. In the end, I think it's more important to play out the mechanics, do a little theory crafting, test said theories...then make recommendations. Taking a black and white stance withing 24 hours of live game play seems pretty stupid to me without some extensive testing the waters. I myself am still neutral about the 5.3 pvp changes.

The one thing I am a little disappointed in is homogenizing gear. Look, Raiders work hard in their skill areas. PvPers do as well. There should in my opinion be specific differences between endgame pvp and pve gear. Allowing them to blur seems pointless to me. PvE folks don't spend hours grinding through battle grounds earning points to gain gear. To me, I think it's not fair to see them gain any sort of meaningful edge in a BG. Yes, I am partial to PvP even though I suck at it lol. I just think that the gear should be different because the skill focus is different.

As to the rest of 5.3, well time will tell. I am looking forward to yet another BG choice. I have always really liked seeing different battlegrounds. I know many of them seem to overlap in objective styles, but seeing new terrain and new mechanics is always a joy.

So folks, what are your thoughts on the mechanics changes and gear changes? Good or bad, be specific if you can as I am always up for a spirited debate. I'd be interested especially if factual numbers can be employed..not just this sucks mentality.

On a last personal opinion point:
For every change there is a way to counter and defeat it. Yes it takes time to figure out...but no system is completely one sided or another. It takes time to figure out how to beat a nerf or a boon to one side or another. Keep that in mind the next time you hit the BG's.

Till next time, may your pockets be lined with gold and Glory be showered upon you!