Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The War Weary

"Grimrhok, I need you to attend a very important mission."

Grim looked up at the human commander. Not bad for a tall one, though kind of slow, and a bit too trusting. Must be that paladin code or something. He wasn't a bad sort, but since taking command, the stand off in Arathi had gone sour. Morale was a bit low these days and at least a few of the soldiers had disappeared in the night. Grim couldn't blame them, the Horde had taken a lot of ground of late. Civilians had fallen under the Forsaken plagues and bones littered the battlefield.

"Well then Sir, what ya need eh?"

"I need you to run escort, get the wounded back from the Refugee Camp and run them to our rear lines. Perhaps Menethil Harbor."

Holding at Arathi Refugee Camp

Gathering the civilians to head out.

Grim looked disappointed, he preferred the upfront action and the fighting. It was in his blood after all. With a sigh he rallied the wounded and the civilians to head back out of Arathi. From there, the would travel the long road across the Thanadol Span and back towards the Harbor. Granted the Harbor was fairly well flooded, but at least the taverns there could be used as a makeshift hospice. Even with full time healers, things got bloody still.
Menethil Harbor, flooded and broken, but it would have to do

"Oh, one last thing, take a couple days leave and visit your home." Grim couldn't argue. Least the man was kind to look after those who fought for him. Grabbing his pack he whistled to Greyfang, his deadly little fox and marched out.

Days later, they reached Menethil Harbor, the refugees dropped off, Grim paid for a flight back home. A few days of rest and all would be well for the next battle. He received word from the postmaster, that dear Mckaylee had left a letter to him. Opening the parchment, he read that she had indeed received the mechanical squirrel he had fashioned and loved it's playfulness. Even better, she would be waiting for him there to visit during his hard earned leave.


Spending a few extra silver, Grim bought a Griffon flight back home and indeed, enjoyed his leave!

A quiet lunch with smiles and laughter.


  1. More!

    Really enjoying the new series. Rather refreshing and a sense of inspiration!

    - Jamin

  2. @ Jamin ~ Thanks, when I come by good screenshots I try to incorporate them into stories. My wife has joined in on the fun as well lol. Mckaylee is her toon.