Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Companion

Among the hunters of the world, there is a plethoria of special companions which they have made friends with to defend, attack and bring down their prey. Every great now and then again, you find a special animal, one with spirit or fire, one that stands out far beyond the rest. Well lads and lasses, I'm here to tell you of Pogeyan, Firespirit of the Stranglevale jungles.

Rumor had it that the ancient troll gods joined their ever lovin souls with different and mighty beasts of the jungle. Now, I'm not one to argue a man's or in this case a Troll's faith but I've always been a awee bit skeptical when it came to such things. Then again...Druids...blast it! Who can say? Speakin of which, a druid friend o' mine sent word from the hunting camps down in the Northern region of the Stranglethorn that a great fiery eyed beast had been prwolin about, makin mince meat of the locals. Well, naturally as a hunter, my curiousity had gone through the roof on this one. Oh, I'd seen and heard a lot, but this one was different. The locals claimed it was the spirit of one o' their Troll Gods, comin to slay any crossin on it's turf.

Well, be damned if I weren't gonna try to bag this one! They claimed it's eyes glowed red with the rage of the jugnles torn apart and a coat as shiny and fiery bright as the ever lovin sun. This my friends, I had to see!

So, after payin a good amount of coin in Stormwind for some fine Dwarven Imported whiskey, I mounted up on Skye, me trusty old Gryphon and headed south. It had been years since I been to the jungle, and after my time up in Northrend, the steamy heat hit me like a dwarven steamtank! Couldnt bear to be wearin me chest armor or shoulder guards, just too damnable hot! So, I cleared em off decidin a good ruddy tan would make me look fine as fine for dear Mckaylee. I reached the huntin' camps and questioned the locals and a few dwarven folk there as to the where abouts oh this Firespirit.  Most thought I was just out for the hunt itself, an maybe I was at first. But the more I heard of this fang ridden beaast, the more I admired it. Somethin bout the wilde ones always sets me misty eyed. The hunting Lodge offered me a guide, but I figured didn't much need one. So they pointed me out the general direction and off I went, this time alone, with nothin but me skill and heart.

Took me a good couple weeks huntin this cunning stalker. No doubt about, the challenge was there. I let Skye head back to the Rebels up north where the hills were a bit cooler, stripped down to me leathers and continued the hunt. Finally, there he was! Oh, true to the stories, fiery red eyes that blazed and a sunkissed coat. I didna have the heart to bring him down, but somethin told me, God spirit or not, this one would make the finest of huntin brethren. I thought I was quiet on the stalk, but damned be sure, he gazed straight at me, as though not a bit of grass stood betweenst us. He didna run, but for certain regarded me like a chylde. I set me trap and tried to bait him to no avail. Too smart this one. There was only one way he would bond, and we both knew it. I charged from the thicket, scatterin birds an critters, the mighty cat roared in defiance and suprised me with a lightnin quick leap that caught me mid air. When he hit, I felt like I was at the Blessed anvil in Ironforge bein melted to slag. True to his namesake, fire exploded about us, my poor beard caught a slight singe from it to boot. But held fast I did, taking rakes from his claws while I held his mighty jaws at bay. We wrestled and tumbled, throwing eachother about as though the very Titans were tusslin! But in the end, this mighty cat came to honor my bravery as no other. No, I didna tame him, this one simply saw me as an equal and as fast as the fight began, it ended.

I can't tell ya if this Fire Spirit holds a God's soul or not, but damned be sure, when he roars, people listen! Well, he follows me about now, and a fine brother he is. I don't oown him so much as learn from him. Let it be learned, the best hunter knows to respect the wylde, and sometimes...sometimes, they give ya the respect in turn!


  1. THAT is one unique pet you got there! Is it really that shiny? Either way those eyes are killer XD

    - Jamin

  2. @Jamin~
    Yes it is that shiny even on low settings. It is a nice DPS pet to add into the fray!

  3. Man, I had just read about this cat a few nights ago and I must say, he looks awfully stunning at your side. If I didn't already have two very special cats in my arsenal (not to mention several spirit beasts that fill the same role, buff wise), I would have to go after this fella. A great catch indeed!

  4. @Saz~
    If you ever have an alt hunter collecting, here are a couple of things:

    1: You dont need to be BM to tame him.

    2: Respawn time is less than an hour and he stays near the same location the whole time.

    3: You only need to be Lv 28 to tame him.

    Once my wife (Mckaylee) saw it, she had to have it! It doesn't have any exotic abilities but the look alone will turn heads left and right.