Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead

Every major city celebrates this lil holiday in Azeroth. I dropped by Stormwind today to pay my respects and get a quick achievement for fun. Interestingly enough, aside from the whole Forsaken skin there are a couple of small things to check out while visiting the City Graveyard.

Jumpin for joy with that hottie Catrina!!!

While tooling around in the Graveyard I noticed this interesting tomb. It shows the pic of a young warrior or paladin girl. No names present but it's the only one in the entire Graveyard. It would be interesting if there was a little lore behind the picture. I recall back in the day that one of the Blizz guys passed on and they left a tomb just past Thorbardin's Wall in memoriam. Is this another possible remembrance or simply a fluke being the only one in the graveyard.

Tomb of the Unknown Warrior Maiden

Finally, before you head out for the day, drop by and pay respects to Tiffin, former Queen of Stormwind. Truly a fine memorial befit for royalty.

Queen Tiffin's memorial, somber but beautiful as it should be.

There is a small caption there up at the headstone, check it out for yourself. Anyways, drop by for this achievement and enjoy the vendor. Speaking of which, there is a cooking recipe to pick up as well as other fun stuff. And with that, enjoy your Day with the Dead! 

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