Tuesday, November 8, 2011

World PvP and Battleground Grinds

Well, first and foremost, Grimrhok, crazy dwarf hunter finally hit 85 a couple of days ago. It was a test of wills to finish off those last million or so XP, but it got done. I was pretty proud and used my hard earned 4k of honor points to get my first taste of lv 85 pvp. Even invested in a new pair of pants to keep things at least sort of equal. Then I walked into the fight ... ouch.

I didn't realize I was dealing with opponents that not only had pre formed crews (impressive and I respect it entirely) but allot of them also had conquest gear. Big ouch, it was like trying to use my crossbow to break down towers. But I persevered with my stalwart stubborn dwarf self. I was in the big leagues now... well not so much. I notice still the same horrid performance from PUGers. I notice half the time they are just bullshitting their way through hoping for a quick loss to re queue. Why? Honor at lv 85 is given out like candy. Nice..I got almost complete season 10 pvp honor gear within 2 days. That didn't bother me. I wasn't shocked by the piss poor performance either.  Random folks never seem to get along. But it became a grind again. Quicker yes, but still a grind to get a decent baseline before I get into one of my guild's RBG teams. Let me be clear, they arent pressuring me in any way. The fact I hit 85 and got a few pieces of Season 10 gear got me noticed for my dedication. Of course its only the first step. And I do enjoy pvp...ALLOT! Just hate incompetence is all.

Brings me to the final point here. I really enjoy world pvp. I love it when our guild goes on a full rampage against the Horde, or when I happen across a lone figure out in the Uldum sandbox. The constant alertness you have to have for possible foes is a rush. Sometimes you can slam someone, other times you get facerolled. But it's still a rush. I love knowing that there are no enclosed areas and no rules. Fight or die. No pity no remorse. Get a knife in the back? Got feared and facemelted? It happens, but then so does watching my wolf or cat shred down a Deathknight or Paladin (Well paladins seem to take longer but its more blood spilt). I wish there was more of it. I have to commend my guild, Clan Battlehammer for at least twice a week going after the horde cities. It's a blast whether we win or loose. And yes we do loose about as much as we win. But it is still such a riot to go out and fight.

By far I enjoy world pvp more, but I do enjoy getting cute new armor pieces and weapons to go into over kill from BGs. Anyways, just a rambling today.

Edit: My wife pointed out, it was Season 10 gear I obtained. The weapons were Season 9 which was an error on my part.

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