Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gaurdian Cub......

So the critter is cute. I will prolly spend the little bit of real world money to go buy one. BUT I REFUSE TO BUY IT ON THE AH!!!!! The people who actually use digital gold for it....SUCKERZ!!!!! Now wait, you say....Mhorgrim aren't you the real sucker for buying one for real cash? Well no. You see, if I choose to buy something for real cash...under 20 bucks that's pure entertainment value, like 15 bucks a month for WoW, am I sucker for that? Not in my mind. But now see, my TIME is extremely important. If I pay to play this game, I don't want to sink that time into gaining anywhere between 5k to possibly 100k of digital gold into it. That's a crap load of time that is important to me, because it takes away from my enjoyment of 15 bucks a month. I'm by no means rich, but even a kid can save a few extra bucks for this pet. He won't ever get the time back though if he blows his/her 15 bucks a month farming the digital gold to buy a pet that can be bound only to one toon. Who really is the sucker in this? I spend my money my way and burn the time played my way, I am not beholden to anyone and therefor have the freedom to play as I please, not to earn a crazy amount of digital gold for a single pet that really most people wont have out with them 100% of the time (Besides I love my mechanical squirrel the most any damned how). What gold I do earn is for my skills and equipment. Vanity stuff...well that's what the extra $10 is for. Can't afford it? Get a job. Got a job? Skip lunch for a week or eat Ramen noodles for a couple of days for dinner and voila you got your $10. Extreme? No, it's priorities. What is honestly more important to you?  Just a rant lol!!! Enjoy your cubs!!! I know on payday I will enjoy mine too!!!! In the meantime, I'm out to go kill Horde!!!


  1. In the wise words of the Goblins themselves..

    "Time is Money"

    That is all,

    - Jamin