Monday, November 14, 2011

Why roll on a pvp server?

Spinks put up an interesting thought today as to whether or not there is a need at all for separate pvp/pvp servers. Of course I had a Wall of text in reply to it. I'll let you guys figure that out. But a point is brought up. Why do pvper's roll on a pvp server if the majority of the time they just sit and wait for BG qeues? I like open world pvp. Can't help it and I wont apologize. What I do wonder is what the point of rolling on a pvp server if you aren't gonna go out there and mix it up? I know some will say the server is imbalanced. Got it. But then at least for WoW you can go to and see the over all population snapshot. If its close to being equal then there is a chance for world pvp. And the world is a sandbox. Motivated guilds can find reasons to go out there and fight. A little coordination between horde and alliance GM's can produce some epic battles over perceived terrain etc.

But now I gotta be a little honest here. I have to wonder why anyone who only wants pve rolls on a pvp server. I mean there are a bunch of pve servers to go have fun on. The "my friends are here" theory doesn't hold out very well. That's more a minority than anything. Also, PvE gets the most attention from the Dev teams of almost all the RPG MMOs out there. It's what makes them money. Why even complain if PvP servers exist. You have a choice. You are responsible and hopefully mature enough to make a thoughtful choice. So in the end, it's nobodies fault but your own. Mind you, as a pvper I do not condone asshattery and go to lengths to squash it where I can. I don't believe in greifing unless I was griefed first. Same with camping. But revenge? HELL YES! That is what world pvp is about and you know it whether you want to admit it or not.

So...Question...Why roll on a pvp server if you are a pvper and dont intend to mix it up in the world?
If you are a pve'er seriously and honestly why did you roll on a pvp server and expect to be left alone? rant for the day


  1. In the! Yep, I was a real noob when first introduced to Wow way back when. I got talked into rolling Alliance on a Horde heavy pvp server. You can imagine the time I had getting my first toon to level cap.

    Of coarse, I've long since learned the differences between servers and have toons spread out according to different playstyles.

    I do agree with you though. Roll on a pvp server, expect pvp anywhere, anytime. Not your cup of tea? Change servers. It is quite simple to do.

    Btw, my most successful and most level capped toons are still on that original pvp server. Yep, revenge is sweet.

  2. @ Solitudeone
    Ahh yes the initial boob hit...I did that too on a Horde heavy server...I fired mine though. It is sweet revenge for your toon though. Nice to see the perseverence.

  3. Well... I moved to a pvp server following a friend because in vanilla the lag was so bad on our pve server that we could not play. I think that is less of an issue now. But I love my guild and yes all my friends are on the pvp server and that is a huge factor in a social game. If they moved, I'd move. I don't care where, I'm sticking with 'em.

  4. Good points!

    I absolutely love PVP. While I also miss it dearly.. When was the last time you had a worthwhile encounter? It just isn't the same anymore :(

    - Jamin