Friday, April 8, 2011

4.1 Call to Arms is Up in Arms...and I don't CARE

Really, PuGs in general Suck. There are asshole Tanks, Asshole Healers and asshole DPS. This whole Call to Arms deal was meant to get more tanks playing. Actually, I see alot of tanks out there. The good ones belong to guilds. Why? Because they get support, mentorship and a crew to run with on a regular basis that actually works as a team. Call to Arms is at it's core a mercenary plea so those solo non guilded folk have something to work for near the end game. It's not the lack of tanks, it's the lack of tanks wanting to deal with PuGers that don't want to work as a team and the costs of repairs vs rewards when they experience repeated wipes.

Get into a friendly low pressure guild that will help you learn your roles one way or another and support the class you have. If you are trying to ready yourself for raids, shop around carefully for a guild that will actually support your goals as you support theirs. Stop being the loner, it doesn't work that way. In the end, the more you whine about oooh I can't get into heroics because no one wants to to be you. You might want to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you can't get into a guild that will support you.

On the same token, Raiding guilds, I see so many of you claiming your Raid teams are falling apart, yet you won't lift a finger to raise new blood into your ranks. If they aren't the elite, you don't care for them or about them. Got it, there are bad players out there, put them on the B and C squads. Train them up. Don't let them get sloppy habits. Recruit new blood in that aren't Raid ready and train them. Doing so is an investment of time, but worth it in the end. So elitist raiding guilds, you are just as guilty for your own downfall.

And now I can here the screams of indignation....

Mhorgrim! Your an asshole! You might be right, but you see, most of what I am seeing is people who won't take responsibility for their own stupidity and try to correct it. This may mean raising a new toon on a different server after finding a guild out there that actually meets your needs. Don't want to loose your hard worked toon? Ok, create a low lv alt and scout out guilds and then bring your badass toon over via paid tranfer. Maybe you need to look at a guild you can grow with that may not have the uber achievements but have supportive folks that have like minds for the future. But Mhorgrim, I want to be on a world first team....dude if that's all your life is, you got no life. End content is just that...the end. Once you've done it there isn't anything left. If it is the only thing that floats your boat, find a kick ass guild, apply to them and show them you are worthy of being on a raid team like that. Personally I find that way too much a hassle, I prefer to go on a drunken streak of mayhem and at least have fun in the game. 

To the nay-sayers of the Call to Arms....DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! STOP WHINING! Be responsible. Be respectful to one another regardless of your classes and work as teams. If you can't or won't do this, you deserve what you get from this mess. Personally, I am a tank by trade, but I don't pug. I don't have to. I have a small but friendly guild that actually supports me and that I am growing WITH instead of hopping onto the coat tails. I get the instances I want when I want. I have a solid team of players that assist me and mentor technique as well. If your guild doesn't do that, go find another. Stop being a sycophant to guilds that demand but won't give aside from the opportunity to go on their raids their way. I don't play that way cuz I'm nobodies bitch. I still enjoy the game.

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  1. Excellent post, I have to tell you as a healer PUGS make me twitch. Yup...PUGS suck. Most everyone comes in with a "I'm UBER" attitude and they really aren't...well maybe in their own minds.

    I especially love the dps who feel they need to pull. It is fun watching them die though. I usually give out one warning, if it continues I simply won't heal them.

    Teamwork seems to be a lost art in PUGS. I know I'm in trouble when I join a PUG and the first thing I hear is who has recount. The twitching begins and I know I'm in for a bad run.

    If you want a good tank then be a team player and learn your role in an instance or raid. Otherwise quit your reap what you sow.