Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 17 ~ Your Favorite Spot 20 Days of Blogging

Azeroth, plenty of places to explore. Some interesting, some wicked, some downright desolate, and others...well damned beautiful. It's hard pinpointing a spot that I happen to love the most especially post Cata. You see, there are so many places I haven't seen yet or changes that are very important. Further more, Places where I couldn't fly before I now can so I find even more fun things and gorgeous views to look at.
Now back during Wrath, I really loved Dalaran. It was such a huge and Bustling City. People coming and going left and right. It's turning into a ghost town akin to Silvermoon City a this point which is so very sad, at least on my server Tanaris.

I still have a special love for the high cliffs and long entrance of the Howling Fjord into the Valgarde area in Northrend. There is just something spectacular and awe inspiring as you go through that mini fjord. The music score is incredible as well. So, combine the music score with the area and yup that's my favorite! Not only this but both in PVE and PVP this is a blast. Ever had a PvP fight there? Imagine on top of the Vrykul threat, you also have Horde and Alliance forces fighting each other as well. It's pretty intense. Anyways, just my thoughts for the moment.

As to what I've been doing over the weekend since I didn't post then. Since Friday I had been working on my PvP feral Druid Damios all the way into Sunday. Battle Ground after Battle Ground. Some wins, others epic fails, some total Stale mates but a blast to fight. I had gotten pretty handy with my Druid's stealth and hunting capabilities. I had been working pretty feverishly on his enchanting as well to bolster his fighting prowess. By far Arathi had been my favorite Battle ground as it takes some thinking and maneuvering. Then Sunday happened. See I had been holding off on leveling my PvE Tank Mhorgrim for almost a week as I thought my wife wanted to catch her Healing Shaman up to me. Well, she got to change from healer to DPS on her Druid and participated in some Cata dungeons. This hooked her and so now it's somewhat of a race for me to saddle up Mhorgrim and hot foot it in leveling him and getting him warmed up in some other instances to be competitive. Damios will always be there lurking in the shadows awaiting his prey so after some hard fought battles, he gets a break for now.

Mhorgrim level 72 last night and have cleared through my Saronite Blacksmithing so I'm pretty happy about that. Hopefully I will see lv 73 tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. My goal is to see him hit 75 by this weekend so he can wear alot of his newly crafted Saronite Gear. Yes, I'm pretty proud of this work I've done in Crafting. I know it sounds silly but really for me it's not just the achievement of getting my skill levels up. See, in the past I never could stick with professions development. It got too frustrating to pour all that money down the drain only to have substandard gear for my efforts. Well, least the gear I've made this time has been paying for itself. I like unlocking new skills anyhow.

Ok, that's my fast and furious updates for now. Catch ya all later.


  1. Pride is my own craftswomanship did probably contribute to why I kept my Fel Iron Plate set together for so long. Not the only reason, but yes, I liked that I made it, too.

  2. Nothing wrong with that for sure, wait till you get your entire Savage Saronite Set, that looks truely wicked together. I wasnt too happy with my baseline Cobalt set, it made me look like a GI Joe action figure. But that's slowly changing.