Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music - Feelin the drums of Battle

Music, it sets the mood, it is in fact it's own language, it gets us pumped...ON TO WAR!!!! I love hearing music when I play WoW. But I have different types of music that I listen to depending upon what mood I am in and what style of play I'm working on. Take for instance PvP, I love pumped up music with driving beats and filled with rage or evil. Why? It makes me pumped up ready to go kill pixels. Some of my favorites for pvp are Rob Zombie (especially Devil's Rejects), Nickelback, Metallica from the 80s and early 90's, AC/DC and ManO'War. Some of it is because of Lyrics, some of it's because of driving sound.
When Raiding, no music. Seriously, I have to concentrate on my job as a tank or healer, music gets in the way of communication when I'm trying to stay alive and hit the rotations just right. Standard 5 mans though, I love to listen to classic rock from the 60s-early 70's and some good old fashioned Johnny Cash. I do the same for when I'm farming by the way though I add in alot of Dick Dale's guitar work, keeps me awake while doing tedious work. . RP, I haven't done much RP in a hot minute but when I do, I really enjoy Eastern European folk music, Middle Eastern Folk music and select instrumentals. Questing really depends upon where I'm at. See, the music score to Northrend was so cool, that when I am questing there, I keep it on the WoW loop. Other places, depends upon the mood that strikes me.

So, what music do you listen to while playing WoW and are there times when mood changes the types of music you enjoy while playing? Drop a line, let me hear what ya got to say! Happy hunting out there!


  1. Good grief. You really are the version of me that just gets to play more than my life seems to allow!

    Because my computer is in the same family room as the TV and couch, I often have the sound off or if I need the sound, its volume is low. Therefore it is rare for me to play music while playing WoW.

    The mp3s I play on my headphones at work include a huge amount of "Classic Rock", a bit of country (including the Man in Black) and lots of instrumental guitar (including surf!). Seriously, we should compare sometime. My eclectic tastes include some other music not played as often, like folk but while I might have some Polish (Jacek Kaczmarski!), more of it is British. The biggest difference I see is all the Asian pop music I have, like Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki.

  2. Never much got into the Asian pop. As for the folk, lets see, Anastasia which is a serbian group, umm modern/folk I like Lisa Gerrard especially. She mixes mid east with East Europe and its plain epic. Other modern folk, Beats Antique (selected pieces). Loreena McKennit, Niyaz, Omar Faruk Tekbilek (turkish mod folk). Something about these beats and instrumentals really give me a sense of a new world. I know WoW is primarily a European flavored fantasy world, but see...I don't care the music puts me in the mood. I'm going to have to check out Jacek Kaczmarski to get a flavor, thanks for the pro tip!

  3. I don't think I've ever had anything on other than the in-game music so far, mainly because I like to get a feel to the zone that I am leveling through XD

    - Jamin

  4. @Jamin ~ Nothing wrong with that at all. It's what lets you enjoy the area as much as ya like. As posted, I love to listen to the in game music up in Northrend, the music score was awesome.