Monday, April 4, 2011

Day #16 ~ Things you miss Post Cata - 20 Days of Blogging

Sorry I was not posting over the weekends. I doubt you will really see me post then as that is MY PLAY TIME hee hee hee. I have a lot of things I want to post about but reminded myself that I took on the 20 Days and am coninueing to press forward even if I am condensing the time space continuum to do it...we sort of anyhow.

So here we are working on Day 16, the things I miss Post Cata. Honestly folks I am not sure I miss anything per se. See, I rerolled completely and the best part about Cata was the 1 - 60 storyline for most of the races involved. I love the fact I can fly ANYWHERE, yes it is awesome. Pre Cata I wasn't very interested in Raids so I really didn't miss much there. I do have one thing I miss though over all. It will sound strange as hell, but see it ties into my world Azeroth viewpoint. I miss having to rely on Guilds and on servers to get your instances done. MHORGRIM WTF OVER??? Seriously dude? We getz da fast gearz now you idiot! Your right, you do. But I remember when even a low level blue was awesome to have for quite awhile and you felt you earned it. I also remember the days that you minded your manners a bit more since you got a bad reputation as a ninja looter or Ass Hat for your attitudes. See I miss the sense of community which has often been lost when we do cross server PuGs. I mean people don't have to be decent, they'll never see you again so who cares? Plus now getting all Rare Gear or better is a friggen breeze for leveling so again, who cares?

It is only my most arrogant opinion that the LFD tool is actually counter productive towards server wide community. When we loose the sense of community we don't communicate or interact. To be honest, when I'm not running with guilds but doing PuGs, I feel like its me and a bunch of ill behaved minions that are artificially created with preset responses like in a solo game. Also, what ever happened to interesting Trade Chat beyond WTS [insert item] or WoW Gold Sellers. With the exception of Stormwind or Ogrimmar, many of the Hub Cities are barren as well since you really don't need them anymore. Ok, so from the social aspect, things aren't quite what they used to be. People aren't liable for thier actions because unless you are a serious Raider, you don't really have to interact per se. Guilds are great as well, but unless your guild has a social aspect to it where you are actually chattin for wait for it *ZOMG* the sake of knowing one another beyond Raid Commands.

I'm not bustin on Blizz for this, but I think this is something that has to do with some of the jaded view points out there. Now friends, understand I belong to a social guild that wants to raid casually. This suits me. I chose this group because they were in fact real life friends. So that's ok for me. But I just notice subtle changes in attitudes from those around, ergo my one thing I miss from Pre Cata days, you actually had to interact back then.

Anyone else experience the same results from their servers as well? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.
And with that, I bid you all success in every endeavor.

Oh, By the way, most of the weekend I was working on my pvp feral kitty Damios, but have picked up my shield again with Mhorgrim for more leveling fun now that the wife is focusing on her Boomkin Druid again. I'll have more on that tomorrow. Take care all!!!!


  1. I agree that the LFD tool has contributed to the destruction of community, but there's no way to paddle back up that creek. I don't think any of us noticed at the time. I knew how happy I was that the difficulties before where so easily overcome.

    I'm hoping there could be changes in the LFD, or some supporting tools with it, that could improve things. Not that I have any good suggestions, but it's possible.

  2. I thought about it, a LFD tool that was only to your server perhaps. That at least slows down the rude behavior because you start getting a reputation. Though on low pop servers it may still be a problem. Might also just be needing to consolodate some of the low pop servers with some of the medium sized serbvers to get a higher numbers of available players. I dunno, there is no easy way to do it. But yes as you say the downfall here is the loss of community.