Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Questline Fashion...Serious Makeover needed

So I dropped by Keredria's blog today to find this on alternate ways to level. Obviously not necessarily to everyone's taste and most likely a very very long grind. But a few thoughts rose up in my peaked lil mind. Is it possible to have quests designed specific for classes and or professions that reward particular styles of play? Well, to tell the truth, there are some non combative quests out there currently though they can be engaged with combat while doing this. Since I've been out in Northrend,  I noticed a few quests don't require combat at all per se. The thing is, with the exception of advancing a story theme line, they don't highlight character skill sets or a profession base skill set.

Periodically, there should be quests pertaining to both profession and specifically to class/skill tree sets. Would it be difficult? possibly but still doable. Kill 10 ratz still applies mostly to a DPS mindset. But what about a questline that emphadsizes tank skills in holding aggro? Or a Healer questline maintaining an NPC getting through from point A to point B utilizing the healer skills? Rogues specifically to go in stealth, avoid detection and steal specific items or scout specific areas. These I came up with just rambling as a wrote, the ideas are there. My question is, can they be implemented through code? I mean, the complexity can't be nearly as hard as phased questlines in WoW so why not class specific?


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  2. Good idea's there.

    I wouldn't mind diving into quests aimed at spec and play-styles. Such a kiting for a hunter, or setting specific traps.

    Got me thinking now,

    - Jamin

  3. They used to have a quest line for rogues that involved sneaking in to get something. It was for one of our talents. Would love to see more.