Friday, April 15, 2011

Of all the Crazy Half witted, Hair Brained Ideas.....

OR....Where Mhorgrim gets to find out what pvp is like as a tank......

 Over the last week I've been working on my tank, Mhorgrim. I hit 78 yesterday and donned my Savage Saronite set, only to realize it was meant for PvP. But wait, a crazy hair brained, idiot idea hit me like a ton of griffon droppings; lets try to go onto the BG's as a tank spec! I had never done this before and I figured the armor set is perfect for it even if I have crap for weapons. Besides, I reasoned, I need honor points for BOA Gear and stuff. So, I went into a couple of randoms before bed. Arathi called me to service like a sweet siren to a sailor. There I went thinking I had some decent things to offer....BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Not so much. Even at 78 I was struggling. But the good thing was, I noticed on our Battle Group makeup, the priests really did keep me alive. The fighting was intense. the first battle was a non stop fight up around the Lumber Mill. My Horde opponents as noble as they were and as hard hitting with their uber pvp earned gear could only stalemate us up on that lonely ridge. In the meantime our other units were speeding around taking ground then loosing it. I am learning there are uses for a tank in BGs but so far I am still figuring out how to get more killing blows. I am seeing that Horde wanted me dead first every round. Good thing my Healers were on point. One final fight at the Lumbermill lasted close to 1 minute of trading blows between an arms spec warrior and myself, both sides had a healer. It was an epic duel though and I had a blast as we went back and forth on each other. I never popped so many cool downs in any instance I had ever been in so fast. It was a mad minute of jumping, stunning, throwing weapons, sundering armor, maneuvering around etc. Finally the mighty Tauren warrior fell. I am guessing it had to do with either mana on the other healer or a mistimed heal. I can't be sure which at this point, as I was as exhausted mentally as a real warrior would be physically. By that time reinforcements had arrived and the Horde healer decided best to retreat back to his farm. We won that battle with hard fighting, controlling at least 4 nodes at once during the fight. The Horde came back swinging hard though and they were no slouches. In the end I believe it was 1600 to 1400 in resources held.

The second battle, also epic in nature was lost to us. Soundly beaten by 1600 - 1200. Not a happy ending. I noticed how critical it is to have more than one healer in your crew. Many times I think we would have done allot better had we just a few extra heals. The Alliance at this level in our Battle Group have figured out road fights are stupid so avoid them. This is a good thing.

In all, Mhorgrim didn't do well killing people but he did a helluva job making sure his crew was protected as long as possible. This often made the difference in holding or keeping an area secure. So, there is my epic fun.

But why write about it? I mean, I did what I did and though it wasn't exactly a faceroll to the other side, it was still fun. Oh Yeah! IT WAS FUN! See I change the pace up. I switch between things so nothing gets stale. If you find yourself feeling that the game is stale, try something new. Get outside your comfort zone of what you do well and work on the things you don't do well. You may not ever get perfect at everything but it will without a doubt be an interesting journey. So tonight I might do more pvp till I hit 80 before I roll out to level again. I get the best of all worlds. Have a great day in Azeroth everyone!


  1. Me favorite game when PvPing as a tank be "Spot the healer and make his arse MISERABLE". The combination of stuns, silences, and mobility a prot warrior brings ta the table be unmatched. Ya don't put up big numbers on the final board, but is a crapton of help fer winning the battle.

  2. Heh, Thanks Ratshag I'll start working on a good rotation. Perhaps you can throw down what you drop for rotations in the Battlegrounds? I'm always out for learning and thanks for droppin in. Here's a free firebrewed sctoch for you!

  3. SCOTCH Even! Dammit I can't spell worth crap today!

  4. Before I left WoW, PvP as a prot spec'd warrior was my source of fun. Not a great damage dealer, but the wealth of interrupts, reflects, lock downs, bashes, slams and a little self healing made it very satisfying. Nothing like being a royal pain in the ass, and having the actual DPS come in a finish them off.

    Having said that, I was surprised to be able to take down a few classes that I've normally struggled with on other classes and specs.