Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Adaptive Gamer....Challenges which can be over come

So I ran across this yesterday concerning an Adaptive Player. The player was really trying to get across that it is possible for someone with physical or mental handicaps to still play and enjoy WoW up to and including Raiding. The responses over all were pretty positive with only the occasional troll out there. I was actually pretty inpressed by the tenacity of the player and applaud his efforts to still enjoy the game. I think the diea here was to help other disabled players see that there are methods to still enjoy the game. There are a few posters that were less than cordial but that is their right to post, so I ignored them for the most part.

I have had first hand experience with working in a PUG with someone visually impaired. He put raid icons over our heads which we werent used to and kinda screwed with my kill order. After asking him why, he explained it helped him see the tank and healer to easier to assist in attacks due to his visual impairment. Well I gotta say that I support fully to assist those with disabilities who still are motivated enough to play the game and overcome some problematic issues when dealing with the physical aspects of repetitive motions and manual dextuerly required for doing Hotkey hits etc. His idea also incudes creating a website where people can go and share techniques in overcoming these challenges. Should this website go up, even if you are not an Adaptive player, just someone who enjoys the game and raids, it might expose you to understanding those who play WoW with disabilities. Well Walaman good luck to you and I hope your idea takes off!


  1. We are working on it as I write this. Will keep everyone updated on this great project. Judging from the responses this young man received, I'd say there is a definite need for this kind of site/blog.

  2. Adaptive gamers website is now up. It's in it's beginning stages and the young man who came up with the idea is busy with school, summer activities and such. But feel free to stop in on the forums there and post your thoughts.

    I backed this idea and built the site because both Mhorg and I ran across this during a raid, then when I read this young mans comment on the WoW forums I immediately offered my help.

    Things we need to think about when dealing with folks in the "virtual" world. We don't know exactly what issues they may have.

    I see the words retard and other disparaging words being bandied about during pugs. We must all realize that the person we are speaking about may have a physical handicap and are doing the best they can.

    *steps off soap box*