Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is annoying..epic game crash

So...I'm working one of my alts that's a pvp ally. Everything was fine. I go out to Stormwind and all looks well. Decide to go check my auction that was a horde money buy off for neutral auctions. Open the Auction House and the whole game crashes. Not only that, but all the memory dumped and now I am reloading the whole game. Very annoying for a Sunday afternoon. So here I wait for a reload.

Why did I decide to work an ally toon again? I had been pretty adamant about staying horde for a bit. Well, for starters, the horde pvp puggers on my server (Emerald Dream) really suck. Bless their raging hearts, they just suck. No one sticks together or makes an attempt at gaining the objectives. So I got tired of it and decided to try my luck for PvP on the Ally side. You know what? HUGE improvement. PvP was fun again. The groups were totally working as teams. No one separated, everyone focused on getting objectives done and focus fired down the big threats such as healers and mages.  It rocked. Even when we lost it was close in nature, haven't seen a total face roll yet. So, while summer in my guild is slow, I am having fun on my ally hunter and bustin chops. Ok, that's it for now, lets see if the system is back up. Wish me luck!!!

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