Saturday, July 16, 2011

Changing the tempo

Well folks, since I've been working up the ladder in PvP with Grimrhok, I decided to take a different tack on what I wrote about. For the most part I decided that I would put a lot into storyline format. But really it documents what Grim does as far as where he is fighting and how his engineering comes along. Since I am no real expert on the mechanics of the game and there certainly are a ton of resources within the blogosphere for that, I figured most of this will be a place where I can exercise if only briefly my love of telling stories. For those few still following me, I hope you enjoy what I write about. You are most welcome to post constructive criticism on my writing technique. Anyhow, Grim has been doing very well on the low level pvp battlegrounds. Yes a lot of it has to do with gear. But it also has a lot of movement and knowing what rotation to use when taking out his quarry. One thing I have learned, is the second I hear the stealth sound, I am Target tabbing all over and hunter's mark the second I get a lock on. Seem's the Horde side is rife with rogues these days lol. I remember a recent fight where there were no less than 6 rogues on the team...SIX!!!! Ya it wasn't a fun time being triple teamed lol. I also learned that when near casters..Scatter shot is your best friend. Anyways, hope you all enjoy the adventures of Grimrhok, whom I've taken an instant liking to.

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