Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check this out.....Famous last words

In the Army, especially the combat arms, it is a time honored tradition for infantrymen and combat engineers to come up with some really crazy stuff that occasionally works and is more often than not a little dangerous. It is also a time honored tradition to either duck, cringe, or laugh at any said epic fail from some machination of a soldier stating "Check this shit out!". Well today, I decided to do something entirely new that I have never done in WoW, make an engineer! Crazy Dwarven Hunter Engineer to boot. Grimrhok took on the mantle of my latest PvP experiment and nothin better than a gun totin' grenade throwin Hunter in my book! So here is to lotsa fireworks and 'splosions in the near future!!!
Check this out! BOOM!

Now that was a "Blast!"

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