Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good old Thelsemar

Tis my home town. A small village but warm and happy. Even after the dam broke, we still make due. We don't ask for nothin' from Ironforge but we hold our own. Tis where I am from. A small village burrowed into the hills. Oh, it has no greatness or glory, but we hold our own against the Murlocs, the kobolds and troggs. Aye, we are proud of our town and it has some of the finest lager known around! Many ask if I come from Ironforge for my skills. I proudly say NO! I'm from that little town of Thelsamar and woe be to the fool that laughs! We fight for our own and are proud. Here is where I call Home.

The center of Town

Thirsty? This is where ya find the finest Lagers!


  1. Nice post.

    Looks like a really peaceful.. No.. Humble, as such, place to be.

    I like the description up top.

    - Jamin

  2. @Jamin ~ Thank ya! I'm sort of experimenting with the life and times of Grim, Hunter, marksman,and tinkerer!