Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fel Iron Blues....

Well, Greens but hey what the hell?

I have been leveling my primary, Mhorgrim at a moderate pace. My main idea was to make sure his crafting came first so I could have comparatively decent gear as I went along. For the most part this worked. I'm hitting a fel iron wall though heh heh heh. Mining Fel Iron on my server is a pain in the ass to start with. The competition is pretty rough to pick it up and farming it is tedious at the moment. For example, to gain 9 points of Blacksmithing last night, I must have gathered over 12 stacks of the stuff. This of course was over the period of 3 hours of flying in circles. I still have 3 points to go before Adamantite series. But alas, my best pieces are almost greyed out, so I get a pretty low probability of increasing the skill. Nevertheless I will march on. I found some really nice armor patterns out at that mushroom city in Zangermarsh. 3 blue plate pieces and all for tanks, OH BOY!!!! What I do wish though is that Blacksmithing had more decent weapons crafting like it used to. It's hard enough finding a decent blade for my tank these days. Especially with the price gouging going on in my server. Anyways, hopefully tonight I'll finish off my fel iron series and continue on.

On the upside, it's given my wife the chance to level up her healer shammy to get back on par with me. She's only 4 levels behind now and when she does hit her low 60's I can make her decent shammy mail since her gear currently is a bit outdated.

The guild decided this weekend we were going to try some classic raids this weekend, so hopefully we have enough people for that grand experiment. Understand, our guild is pretty casual, we are not nor ever will be serious hardcore raiders. Most of us love trying very different ways of running our classes instead of standard cookie cutter stuff. I don't know how well it will work, but the cool thing is, no one gets seriously pissed if we wipe. We always sit down, discuss the issues and try to resolve them. It is a friends and family style guild, but people are allowed to be themselves and shortcomings are for the most part forgiven in playstyle. We just don't like asshats is all lol. If I had but one complaint,  it's that I wish we were on an RP-PvP server so I could go kill people repeatedly....I mean take greater pleasure in adventure...sort of. NAH!!! I miss killin folks!!!! But overall this si still good. When I'm in the mood for pvp, I go to BGs is all.

Happy hunting out there, may your blades never dull, umm something night efish, huzzah!!! and stuff! Have a great day !!!


  1. Ah, Outland. brings back memories, it do. Some of thems even good.

    Make sure ya talks ta Aaron Hollman in Shattrath if'n ya ain't already - he sells plans fer a number of different weapons. Is good fer skillin' up, and mebbe sumthin' usefuls. The adamantite plate were damn nice stuff (I's wearin' it on the header fer me blog), but is expensives. May not be worth it when you'll get way better gear five minutes inta yer 68th season in Northrend.

    Tanking weapons ain't that importants while yer leveling. I wouldn't worries about it; just use whatevers.

    Lucks to ya!

  2. @Ratshag Thanks Ratshag! I'll make sure to raid...errr BUY!! yes BUY!!! from that vendor! I need some weapons desperately anyhow. Got my Fel Iron done last night, finished my Adamntite set and working through Cobalt....yessssss...I AM BLACKSMITH!!! Have a good one!