Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mr. Sheen...the world's hero (in his own eyes) has made rather interesting comments about being a Warlock. Of course this turned into a media circus especially among spiritual circles AND of course now the WoW Blog's to which I couldn't resist adding my own beloved 2 cents. Keredria's question of the day....
I found it light hearted and most entertaining. Add your own thoughts on this topic as I'm sure you'll get a chuckle. Not sure what to say? Hmm go google some of Charlie Sheen's latest vids or media...but be warned, you might be face melted for your efforts...... As a Warlock he has "cute" minions to cc you!!!


  1. Whatever the reason behind Charlie's antics he is number one on the net right now and if I were him I'd try to capitalize on it. He's everywhere. I'm actually enjoying his antics. A part of me loves the devil may care attitude he has right now. He's flying in the face of PC and you gotta love it. He's giving a big bird to the world.

  2. Heh, perhaps....check out the hyperlinks I added to the post lol!!!!!