Friday, March 11, 2011

Day #2 of 20 Days - Why a Blog?

Ok, so this is day #2.
Question of the day is why did I start this Blog?
Well, I've tried to partiicpate in forums, and often found them filled with I want, I want, I want. Or Blizz sux. Intelligent or just friendly social conversations are never started. If a topic is raised, crappy attitudes ruin it one way or another. With a blog, I can decide what I want to write about. I don't have to worry about snotty commentary. If I don't like the post, it's my discretion as to whether or not to take it off. I also enjoy the aspect of just writing about what I see and experience in WoW for the sake of writing. Now, there are a ton of blogs out there for raiders, pvpers etc...but for me this is jsut for social and friendly talk. Anyways, thats' my Day#2. Happy hunting out there in Azeroth!!!

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