Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #14 - 20 Days of Blogging - This Upsets You

An old mentor of mine used to say: It's all about being mellow. Good advice for getting through life one would think. Certainly it does help to keep one's persepective and sanity when stupid shit in the world gets thrown in one's lap...on a daily basis. But, there are a few things that totally piss me off. These things get me into a total rage / nerd rage. So here goes!

Mediocre performance - everyone gets a friggen medal. Look, I don't expect people to be the best at everything, but today I see too many people expecting rewards for lackluster performance. Mostly this happens in the working environment where rewards aren't hard fought for. Weak performance seems to continously get rewarded in the thanks for trying catagory. It pisses me off. I can't help my self.

People who talk in movie theatres or while I'm watching a video - Look, my brain gets focused. It's kinda linear at times when I just want to be involved in a movie or a show on TV. Interrupting my train of thought, annoying me in a theatre that I paid outrageous amounts of money for a ticket and a lil popcorn/soda thoroughly pisses me off.

Politicians who have never lived in a foreign shit hole of a country dictating policy like they really know what the hell they are talking about. They don't. They've never had to put thier neck on the line. for them...STFU!

I really hate it when peopel piss and moan about how another country is soooo much better than their own. FINE! GO FUCKING LIVE THERE! For the record, I love living in my country. I think every country has something interesting to offer. But if you don't like living in the same country as me and think other countries are so much better, leave. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. Stop bitching, crying, and complaining. Just leave. This is a real piss me off issue. My country isn't perfect, we can change shit in my country. But at least my country allows us the ability to change policy. There are countries that also allow this fine bit of freedom. There are also countries out there that would just knock on your door in the middle of the night and put a bullet in your skull for not keeping your mouth shut.

In Game:

Idiots in Battle Grounds - Cmon, simple tactics and no one follows them. I'm by no means the top dog of BGs but common sense seems to be lacking. Simple things can make life go so much easier, but it rarely ever does. Look there are times you get facerolled. I got it. No biggy. But being downright stupid on a BG? Really? GAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Spam Duel Requests - Wow, take a hint please. If I refused you the first 2 times, chances are when you annoy the shit out of me with a 5th and 6th time, I'm ready to explode. While we are on this, stop asking me to duel when you are 30 levels higher and in epic epeen death gear. Do I have a stupid mark on my forhead? If it's a friend, I got it, playin around, but random shit? Cmon that's annoying.

DC - Friggen Internet connections. If I dC in the middle of combat it really nerd rages me out. Nuff said.

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