Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day #13 - 20 days of Blogging - People/Bloggers you admire

Afternoon all!
Well before I get into the topic of the day, I finally got to Lv 68 and am in Northrend, my favorite questing zone. It took me a good deal of time but it was worth it. Thanks to Pwint and alts from our Guild Beerfest Clan to get me through the final grind and a couple of really Hinky quest lines. Couldn't have done it without you Boss!

My wife is really sick this weekend, so between questing I am taking care of her. The Flu is a real bitch. She is hanging in there, but is always first in my mind. Here is to her getting better.

Now on to the topic for the day. People/Bloggers I admire. Well, there are alot of them. But I wanted to make special mention of three who kind of round things out with their activity on the boards.

Larisa from the for her unique insight from a female perspective for a raid and her social views in WoW.

Ratshag from Need More Rage because he actually acts like an Orc in my mind and has a blast doing in

Saz from World of Saz because she has interesting and relevant social commentary on WoW and is just really cool people to be around!

Cynwise from Cynwise's Battlefield Manual for the awesome PvP advise!

Understand that there are many other Blogs I watch and follow. Each has something to offer which I take away and learn from. The above are extremely active and for the most part, vocal for the community as a whole. Each represents a different aspect of WoW that I enjoy allot. What I admire the most from the above is that they make no excuses for what they feel or why. This is something I have allot of respect for.

Outside WoW I admire my Boss who has mentored me in being a bastard when I need to be, but a gentleman when it's warranted. He has constantly pushed my level of responsibilities but in a way that allowed me to WANT to take on more. A.B. Thanks for everything you have been teaching me in the Real World!

Ok folks, that's it for today. Have a great weekend and enjoy Azeroth! I need to go check on the wife and make sure she has everything she needs till she gets better. Happy Hunting!!!!


  1. > "I finally got to Lv 68 and am in Northrend"

    Bah! Beat me by a day!

    Interesting changes since my first visit.

  2. Oh hush now, you're making me blush! I certainly hope that the Mrs. is feeling better.

  3. Thanks for the link! I hope your wife feels better soon!