Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #11 - Bad Habits and Flaws from 20 days of blogging

No one on earth wants to admit they have flaws for the world to see. It hurts thier reputation, character, and thier own self esteem. Well, almost no one. So today I will tell you all about a few of my flaws...well maybe quite a few heh heh heh. See, I'm human. Humans have bad habits and flaws. But then again, I say deal with it, you like me or you don't. I get by either way. So here goes:

- I can be an arrogant prick when I'm being stubborn. That's right, I'm right and if you disagree, your wrong. Period. Well, at least untill I've digested what you have to say for a few days after an impassioned arguement. Ask my wife.

- I'm an altiholic. No, I mean to the point that I will fire a toon I've been working on for a month (delete) without so much as a breath of thought if I want to try something new. It also takes me forever to level a main because I'm working on different objectives constantly. My wife gets infuriated when I server hop to play my horde toons or pvp toons on pvp servers.

- I sometimes get piss friggen drunk during an instance and take stupid chances...or conversely, I've been known to faceplant into my keyboard with drool and passout till about 4 hours later asking...what happened?

- I start projects that if I don't see pretty quick results...I start different projects. Ergo the above altiholism.

- I can be such a procrastinator in my daily life.

Well folks, I bared my ass off to you all for a day. You got to see my not so pretty side lol. Have a great day!


  1. Absolutely can testify to all the above. LOL. And it's rubbing off on me as well.

    Unlike hubby, however, I tend to get emotionally attached to my toons and all the work I put into them. But, I've had to learn to always keep one or two slots on any given server just for the times he want's to try a new combo team. LOL.

  2. I'm more of a methodical altoholic, I think. I more or less have a favorite-driven ranking system with my alts, so while I love them all to bits, their position on that ranking list determines how often I level/raid on them.

    I too am a horrible procrastinator, haha. That usually leads into a certain problem with getting those pesky, time consuming projects done. I like things to be quick and painless, and expect pretty much everything to be as such, so after much procrastination and finally getting around to that project that lo and behold isn't quick and painless? Yes, panic mode begins, haha.

  3. Panic Mode = MY LIFE lolol.
    Yes, I always hold a couple slots here and there when I want newness.