Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #12 A Day in your life/online life - 20 days of Blogging

Hmm during the week I am fast and furious at work:

4am - wakeup
430 - on the road to work
530am - work out/shower and clean up
630am- food -
730am - check blog websites etc for WoW
0830am-430 pm - work work work
530pm - get home
630 pm - eat/spend time with wife
7pm - play WoW with wife
9 pm- sleepy time

Weekends- get drunk and play WoW...allot...both ahem...

Anyways thats the quick and dirty of my daily life


  1. Ahahaha get drunk and play WoW.

    Sounds like a hella good weekend if you ask me.

  2. @ Titleist ~ Heh it's my usual Modus Operendai