Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #15 - Your Desktop Background - 20 Days of Blogging

Morning folks. Well for today's topic, I am explaining my desktop back ground. To be honest, I keep it on rotation from the stock nature orientated backgrounds. I don't have any themes per se. Just that it's nature orientated. These get rotated out every few months pending on mood, current distraction, or whim. I know alot of people tend to have their favorite game for a background theme, not me. I see enough from the game already. My back grounds tend to be exotic when possible as far as locale. They are places I would love to see. The thundering silence due to lack of human contact tends to appeal to me. Even the wind is it's own music. My computer backgrounds tend to reflect this ideal.

Ok, that;s a small bit for now. Last couple of days have been pretty busy and my work schedule has been hectic. Last night I wanted to just sort of gel out so instead of playing I decided to sit in to an evening of House. Yes, House is one of my favorite shows. I happen to love the character's attitude, it's always entertaining to me. Ok, nuff said for now. I'll write more when I get some time.

Oh, I have been formulating a short story page. I know I haven't been writing on it and I see a few of you have at the least been checking out the link. Please be patient, I have stories to tell, but sometimes time constraints slow my progress for what I dream in one hand, and output in the other. See ya on the High Ground!

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