Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the War Front

First and foremost, to those who dropped a line wishing my wife well, thank you very much. I'm glad there are community members who are so thoughtful. She is doing much better. Fever is gone, just still got some cold symptoms. She ought to be out and in fighting shape in a day or two. Again, my thanks out there for the support, specially from Saz and Cynwise!

Ok, so that being said, I usually start my evenings during the week out with some low level pvp battlegrounds. Our server that we are on (Tanaris) is PvE so I don't really get to enjoy open world pvp as much as I sometimes like. Nevertheless, I make a valiant effort at least 3 to 4 times a week on my low level pvp character Damios. Damios, for the record, is an up and coming feral druid...kitty yup you figured that one out. Bears don't do much for me and I ain't into Boomkin or Tree. Nope, crazy katz all da way. Now, I raised hims trictly on what I could make for him, what he could buy within reason and obtain through honor points. Needless to say, pretty outclassed in the initial phases when other lowbies walk in with BOA gear. It's ok, I don't mind because when they do go down...heh it was da lowly kitty in greens and a couple of pvp blues. Nothing too spectacular by the way but fun none the less. from 12-14..it was both exciting and many times painful. I have learned, Mondays are NOT the day to do BG's on Tanaris. It hurts...bad. BUT, one particular shining moment during that phase was to get the achievement for returning the flag in less than 70 seconds. That was awesome, had a great PuG team that evening. Very rare, but I had 2 of the three flag carries that fight so it was pretty awesome.

Then, off to the pain. Look at least in our battle groups, the Horde have a standing policy of not fighting mid unless provoked in the initial push. It's a rush to the other side, zerg at its best. But be damned if 2-3 of our team members don't peel after and give chase. They die...because they are alone. Everyone else is either waiting in the base or trying to get to the Enemy Base. This of course weakens our Offense in a nasty way. So...I try to ask them please stay out of the mid unless they are escorting flag back from a stealth run. Never works, they rez, charge right to the middle...and die again. Frustrating is an understatement. Understand, I have figured out there are times when this is a smart thing to do. But the majority of the time when I have been dealing with the lower levels, it seems as though people have very little situational awareness in pUGs. I know, join a PvP guild. Not gonna happen on this server. I have a loyalty to the Beerfest Clan and until they disband, I'm around. So I have to settle for PUGs. Cynwise in her archives explained pretty clearly that the fight must always be at the flag. Kinda makes sense. Oh well. I take what I can.

Now, sometimes, Tuesday nights are wicked awesome for the Battle Grounds for Tanaris. Guess we will see tonight eh? At any rate, I still have a lot of fun. When I hit LV 20 with Damios, I will fast level him to lv 23 then park him into the battle grounds till he hits 25. Honor is slowly rising. I'm also interested in getting the Justicar Title. So I've  along ways to go, but that's ok. I don't mind. Anyways, this isn't a how to manual guys. It's just the observations from the field as the fight goes on. Best of luck to you all out there!

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