Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I like about 4.2

Well, first, Grimnhak hit 85 this afternoon after the patch was finished. So far I am enjoying the hell out of 4.2! The quest line story is really pretty awesome. Only downside is on a pvp server its also total war. I got all the way to the firelands. Unfortunately the final portion is in a total lock down right now. See, in the final portion when you hit the firelands you have to kill fire elementals in a small basin on a hill. Problem, only one way in and one way out. You can't fly in the firelands (my only gripe). Well on a pvp server this causes serious issues. It is literally a stronghold for any large force to hold and bottleneck any incoming force. Makes it pure hell trying to finish the quest. But, it's about the most pvp in open world that I have seen since pre BC so even though my poor Horde brothers and sisters got completely facerolled, it was still a blast giving the massive siege. (For what its worth, Kings of the East Alliance side dominated the area. They so worked like a team and facerolled everything the Horde threw at them.) Ok, that was rough but still it was a total blast doing the storyline and all the war front that was fought. I am sure the Horde will come back swinging in the near future.

Anyways, the Dungeon Journal is sooo CHOICE! I love it! All the dungeons, the drops, the bosses and their abilities. It's like having Deadly Bossmods without the hassle of updating the addons. This was an excellent move on Blizz's part in my opinion. Those who nay say, well all I can tell you is after having the access, I can at least have a chance at new dungeons without having to sift through a ton of crap to figure stuff out. I love it.

Ok, that's my quick take so far. And for a freshly dropped patch, I saw no technical issues so far. The game has added new facets that I really do enjoy. I'm still not hip on the PuG LFG tool but, hey overall the experience has been pretty positive. PvP servers add a whole new dimension to the questing etc as well.

Folks, hope you are all enjoying the new stuff, I am gonna head out myself. Take care one and all!


  1. Ah, top stuff!

    Really looking forward to getting tucked into the new content! Especially in the ways you describe it. World PVP?! BOYAH!

    Also, I agree totally on the new Dungeon Journal. I think it's brilliant.

    Get some pictures. But nice read :)

    Keep them coming

    - Jamin

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