Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elemental Bonds Questline - Good Story and a small pro tip for questers

Well, I'm always a sucker for a good storyline and the one you go into the Firelands and help rescue Thrall is a fine set of story quests. I finished this morning after the initial masive battles in pvp that were happening at the Firelands quest point had died down. There were some minor skirmishes but nothing to write home about after the initial blast of last night's ragefest. At the end of the questline once finished, Thrall will hook you up with a decent blue cloak that you choose based upon your class. Nice little reward for those fresh into the 85 zone. Those who have to leave the questline by the way can get back and here is how:

Easiest way is to roll back into Deepholm, talk to aggra just south of the Twilight Precepace where you fought the eaeth elementals in the initial phases of the quest. Aggra will then port you to your last known quest point. I only got a couple of screenies of the fireland finish and then the final outcome with Thrall and Aggra. I'm jealous as an orc though, Thrall gets to stand up all the way, I'm still a hunchback forever...
Just as I was freeing Thrall and hot footing it out..

                                           Thrall and Aggra make da luv vows forever...nice ending but the cloak is what I was looking for lol...


  1. Nice update!

    Really looking forward to hopping on board and doing the Cataclysm Journal: Firelands edition :)

    Good shots to!

    - Jamin

  2. Thanks Jamin, just dropped another one as I grind Dailies.