Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not a WoW Post, but somethin I respect, a Hero

I love Wow. I play it almost every day when I'm not on the road being a soldier. For a moment though I thought I'd share whom I figure is an American hero and icon. This one goes out to a country singer. He embodied everything I love about what a real singer should be, and that's singing about his own life as he understood. So, my hero for the day is Chris LeDoux. Now Chris was a rodeo rider back in the 60's and 70's. He decided to write and sing about the things he saw and did on the rodeo circuit. Interesting thing is, he really never gave into the big recording contract drama/rat race. He kept his own way and probably didn't make a ton of money like a lot of singers. Thing is, his music was honest and I guess a bit old fashioned.

I draw a lot of inspiration from his music for a couple of reasons. See, when I was growing up, I raised and trained horses. Not for rodeos, but the life on a farm was still much the same. It was hard work, early mornings and a crap load of travel. Secondly, a lot of his music as a cowboy drifter sets to mind what it feels like as a soldier goin' from place to place. This hits a cord pretty deep. See, for 14 years now I been a soldier and workin' hard every day. I've been sent all over the nation and across the world. Somehow, my wife still sticks with me through it. She knows it's the only thing I am pretty damned good at and deals with the crazy schedules and crazy stuff I do.

Well, a lot of Chris' music speaks to me and even though he's passed on back in 05' he still echoes a lot of peoples thoughts if they'd take the time to listen. His accounts of being on the road, dealing with his love of the circuit, and the trials he and his wife went through mean a lot because my wife and I go through it too.

For all of this, after he passed, he was given a ton of honors from country music and rodeo culture. I don't think he did it for the glory, but just for the ride. He seemed to be an honest man and without guile. I respect that a lot. When my career is finished, I'd like to settle down in the country as he did with his wife Peggy and their children. Anyways. here's a hoist of a good brew and thoughts of a good ride Chris. Below are a couple of pics, enjoy if you wish. You don't have to agree with the rodeo scene, there are parts of it I don't like, but Chris had a lot of spirit and he never wanted folks to feel sorry for him, just to see what he saw.

So how has this to do with WoW? Well, not much but we all got heroes, some won't admit it but others may take a bit and see what or whom inspires them. When I think of my hunter Grimnhak, I think of that free spirit out for the wild ride and goin for the fight not for glory but because he could. Mr. LeDoux speaks to me like that. If you have read this far, thank you for letting me share with you a part of my life away from WoW and I gotta ask you, who inspres you and why?


  1. Great post, Mhorg. I'd never heard of this fellow, but the way you describe him, spreading a remembrance of him is an excellent way to honor his memory. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

    In answer to your question, as cliché as it is, I'm inspired by good teachers who slog their way through day after day of bureaucratic nonsense so they can teach kids well. Of course, I'm a teacher, so that's self serving.

  2. Great post Mhorg. And a great man to make a hero. And to Stubborn, great teachers are hard to find. I still remember my 3 grade English teacher. He took an interest in his students. He came to my house when he heard my father had passed. My father was a Soldier. I'll always remember the encouragement he gave me in my writing.

    And to you are my's easy to deal with your life. Love...Boocat

  3. @ Stubborn ~ Thank you. Also, good teachers are a rare find, especially those that want to teach beyond the bare minimum. When I was an instructor, it was always an uphill battle dealing with trying to change curriculum or update lessons and get them approved, so I do understand.

    @ Laura, Thanks Hun, we do it together!