Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rant Moment

Originally I was going to talk about my pvp druid today, however I saw an article that got me all fired up. So, MMO Melting Pot as well as BBB brought up the topic of dealing with sloppy techniques and  crap attitudes in  low level instances .
 . Here is my thoughts on this:

I am seeing both sides give issues. People from ALL classes often wish to RUSH RUSH RUSH instead of practicing thier craft within the Trinity. I've watched my wife who is a competent healer get ignored by tanks who don't listen to her /oom broadcast. I've seen healers who panic over heal and burn aggro away from tanks, I've seen hunters pull mob's before the tank can even grab 1 GCD. Even with heavy handed use of macro sets this happens. The idea of teamwork has gone out the window because often players who Don't know each other, DONT care. Simple concepts such as watching your aggro threats, having that cute little Omen addon to practice for the heavier hitting instances are thrown out the window. I have two macros for party chat to let people know to wait for tank and healer and also for LOS pulls because somehow people have forgotten what those are as well. I hate it when my target markings get ignored. The excuse I get? "We ain't in ICC Heroics man..chill!"

I would chill, if I could trust the teams I'm with to act with just a slight modicum of professionalism. Instead it's like instance 101 training and babysitting for every pug we've been in. My wife hates it as a healer when I don't run tank because I always wait to make sure the party is ready for the next hit. I hate it when other people burn all their mana over healing and burning my aggro CDs because they aren't timing the damage spikes and coordinating their healing. As to DPS, some are smart, most are ass hats. I've run into both. Yes this is my Bitch session, I don't care. My real point is, how do you learn your class or learn to work with other classes when in fact you bullshit your way through instances? There is a saying "you fight as you train'. So ya, you may be awesome on one class in raids, but bringing up a new class it's important to understand their relationship with other classes and how their skills work both at low level and high level. For raiders trying to speed bag their alts up, get your guildees to do quick runs.

But then there are the "others" who simply don't want to listen. I expect mistakes in an instance. I expect sudden lag spikes between team members or the periodic DC. I expect people at low levels to forget food and water. I expect someone to occasionally over aggro. But because you'll almost never have to work with the same people in PUG again, attitudes go to shit. It's funny as my wife and I leveled together in instances, we would always offer to the good runners a spot to stay on till the next queue. 90% of the time we would have between 2-3 hangers on when they understood that the pace would be steady, not rushed. Attacks would be planned and rarely would we wipe with that pace line.

I'm no expert, and many times I would ask for assistance in attack planning for different bosses or a room with a shit load of casters. But basic tactics keep getting ignored. Things like, dps stand behind the mob to burn down quicker and avoid any parry or block. Healers knowing their average and crit heals, coordinating their time based upon what damage the tank receives. Tanks watching thier caster's mana and knowing when to pop their GCD's to best effect even at low levels or knowing when to best LoS pull vs. a charge. People have forgotten or don't care and it makes it harder for everyone.

Anyways, I'm hoping that as old hat as the lowbie instances are for many, that they remember to be courteous and work as a team. It makes instance easier to get through and more enjoyable. Anyways, for the time being, happy hunting out there.

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