Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day #6 What's your workplace look like? 20 Days of Bloggin

Couldn't really post a pic of my workplace, but I'll do what I can to describe it. In a nutshell....Controlled Chaos. Papers and forms are everywhere, but if I organize them too much I cant find a damned thing. I have a standard office desk in L shape form with false cherry wood paneling as well as  a few over head cabinets filled with books, Tracking papers and manuals. My in box seems to be stuffed far more often than my outbox. My workstation has duel monitors which is nice when I am referencing things back and forth for planning etc. I have one of those black revolving pen holders that never seems to have any pens as too many people seem to randomly pick them up and make them disappear....gnomish conspiracy perhaps? Generally I have two to three travel coffee mugs as well, mostly empty by 8 or 9 AM to get me through the day. Hmm yup, that's work for ya.

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