Monday, March 14, 2011

20 Days - Day#4 - Most memorable WoW event

Greetings Fair Readers,
Today I am going to speak of one of those special all time favorite moments in WoW. My first happened back in 08' when my wife and I were in twink 19s for the Battlegrounds. There is nothing more satisfying than watching her on her shadowpriest capturing and running the flag for 3 perfect game wins while I jaunted alongside and butchered everything in our way. It never happened in such a fine streak after that but it was pretty intense and hilarious watching Hordespeak being repeatedly yelled across the Battlegrounds. I can't verify what they said but it had to be something really angry. Anyways aside from the winning of those three games, the teamwork that my wife and I displayed were just right on par. It was just that perfect synchronicity and yes the cliche about a dance with eacthother comes to mind, though this dance was filled with bloody corpses in its wake. I don't pvp nearly as much as I used to, but it was such a fine memory.

Another fine memory was hunting in the Hinterlands and getting the Horde so riled up after killing 5 equal leveled toons in Open world that they had to send a kill squad out to hunt me down. Being chased by another 4 Horde (all skulls to me) tells me I made quite an impression on them. Being wanted dead and being camped by them for almost 30 minutes afterward tells me they musta been pretty mad. It's all good though lol.

So those were my pvp days. Very memorable for what they were. I still pvp on a somewhat irregular schedule, based mostly on mood, but I do miss some of the old days as I meander through the PvE world. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy PvE quite a bit. But there is something about facerolling someone of equal level that hearkens back to my AoC days of blood and gore lol. And with that, I leave you Gentle Readers untill next time. Hoist a couple for me, as it's back to work I go. Happy hunting out there!

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