Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leveling, questing and stuff

Well last night I hit 81 on Mhorgrim, still working towards 82 by tonight. Good thing I actually did do some work on Blacksmithing, it made my initial questiong a dream. Suprising what a couple of decent pieces of gear meant for Cata can do for you. I am actually enjoying all my questing out there, I like the story lines coming through the Hyjel line. It actually brings a lot forward and helps me complete the storylines. I was really afraid of not enjoying this time but I'm having a ball. I think what got me riled a month ago was that Outland and Northrend seemed as though they were in a bubble for the most part. I enjoy Northrend mind you, but I despise Outland.

Something to bear in mind if you PvP, there are  a lot of glitches out there right now with questing as well as BG's. Get rid of your old Addons, they are reaking havoc with questiong as well as and especially BG's. I actually got frozen last night just before I ended in one BG. Had to get a GM to give me a lift out of there. I was happy with their quick response, I think I only had to wait ten minutes from the time I submitted to getting assistance. Seeing as how this is a brand new patch that all the cry babies were screaming is late, I'm pretty happy with the service. I just logged over to my othr toon for a few expecting a long wait. Lo and behold it wasnt very long and a GM conacted me and resolved the situation. The GM did say addons are really rough right now, so make sure you update your addons the second you can. Be very careful about BGs as well, not sure about instances yet as Im having too much fun just questing which for me is pretty refreshing.

Ok, folks enjoy your day!


  1. I really liked the storylines in all the new zones, too, and they kept me going through the zones. I actually went back after I was 85 just to see how Uldum and Twilight Highlands end. Sure, I got the achievement out of it, too, but mostly I just wanted to know where the stories went.

    The one drawback to that immersive storytelling, though, is that you can't have friends drop into a zone when you're mid-way through it and just start playing with them. You either have to wait for them to catch up, go back and help them (if it's possible due to phasing), or just continue to play alone. That kind of stinks, but it's the trade off for the great stories.

  2. Good point, however you can go back and help them in the correct phaselines of the stories. My GM last night was helping me to get through some of the Hyjal quests quickly since we were waiting on a couple of others for 5 mans. I was missing a certain questline in it that I had forgotten from doing other stuff. Any questline you are on, as long as your partner has completed it, your partner can come and help you.