Thursday, April 28, 2011

I must recant a previous statement....

So yesterday I got Mhorgrim up to level 82 and then the inevitable Steel wall of slow xp to 83. It was a Blast though. I really enjoyed the hell out of Hyjal and I see subtle changes in the environment as a reward for my efforts. I pay attention to that you know. The neat thing was when the Spirit of the Ancients gave me that speech of cool guyness and how I am now charged with protecting Hyjal. I felt like I accomplished something. I know primarily it was solo work but I got pretty immersed within the storyline and its effects. I used to bitch about how I hated the phasing for quest lines. Here is the thing though, phasing allowed me to see changes in the environment that previously I didn't see. It meant I affected something with all of my questing. I know I was one of many that gave a bad rap to phased quests. I recant that statement from the past. After carefully reviewing the areas post quest line, I saw definitive effects on the environment. Why is this important? It meant I didn't live in a completely static environment. I think that's a big bonus. Now it does wreak hell on partners or groups. I got that, but really, just about every single quest is easy enough to complete. It aint that hard. In the end, despite a few flaws with phased quests, I am over all very happy with the immersive storyline.

On to other stuff,

I have learned everything I am able to learn from the Blacksmith trainers in the Major cities. I hit 82 really easy but is pretty tough getting to 83. Ran 4 dungeons last night with the guild which was very good for us as a guild. The fun thing was, my wife and I started running instances again together. I am used to her primarily being a healer so was a bit nervous when we had a member I hadn't worked with before heal for me as a newbie tank for the instances. Point is, it was a blast that we both had toons high enough to run together as a team again. She is enjoying her Boomkin blow the crap outta stuff so more power to her. We had a few hiccups though, I hadn't tanked these instances and didn't realize that compared to the easy mode crap I saw in Wrath and BC coming up through the ranks, I was in for a huge eye opener. Mobs hit a lot harder and I really wasn't geared enough for the instance. A couple of fights were a little more than spank n tank with some kiting involved. Ya I know, all you hardcore raider and heroic guys out there are laughin to tears. But hey I am still new to tankin in general. Overall, and with the patience of my guild we got through it and I started to learn what needed to be done in the future.

I am holding off for a bit on pvp while I turn serious attention to Mhorgrim's advancement. Most of my guildees are Military and therefor we are pretty tightknit. The problem of course is when one or more need to be out on the move for whatever reason. So its been tough to get enough people ready for not just heroics but also the future as 10 man crews. I doubt we will ever get to the 25man but maybe at least 10 man down the road. Anyways, when I feel Mhorgrim is progressed enough I will  hit back into pvp. Part of that of course is both Grimnhak and Damios are at level breaches where I would need to seriously concentrate on killing a couple of levels and getting the right gear since I don't own BOA gear as yet.

In the Real world, I will be moving sometime in late May, so around that time frame if I go silent for a couple of weeks its simply us moving around and getting settled.


  1. HeHe, yes it was a blast in the dungeons last night. One good thing about boomkins is that we can help heal, battle rez, and fight all at the same time. :D And last night I proved it. We had a big pull, Mhorg goes down, I had heat on me, so I pulled out my treeants, rezed Mhorg, managed to start a thunderstorm and down I went. LOL. They made it through it though.

    I'm still laughing about when we all went down and Mhorg was on his own to kill off the adds. He was running here and there, swinging his sword....and he made it. LOL. Good times.

    I'm still duel specced for healing, but I prefer my shammy these days for healing.

  2. Humm somehow this posted under Mhorg's account, but the previous comment was posted by me Boocat.

  3. ACH!!! I have an imposter!!!! No wait folks seriously, my wife who plays Boocat thought I had signed out of Gmail and so her posts ended up as my name. SO! The above two comments are from my wife (Boocat) not me lololol.