Friday, May 31, 2013

Patch 5.3 PvP role check BULLSHIT!!!

My rant for the day. The idea behind a role check in Battlegrounds seems like a sound idea...theoretically. In practice though...EPIC FAIL! Ya I said it. People have gamed the system and while they check in as healers...they don't bother dropping heals approximately 60% of the BG's I've been on both horde and alliance. But worse still, the mechanic is supposed to ensure a balanced number of classes are represented on both sides so one side doesn't have unfair advantage over the other. again...FAIL! After playing approximately 30 BG's, more than a few times I would walk in:

My side: 1 healer, 2 Tanks, X DPS
Opposing side: 2 tanks, X DPS, 3+ Healers

Mathmatics anyone? I would hope my luck wasn't that terrible but it seems of late it is. Anyone else seeing this as an issue?

Normally I try to give things a chance but really, this is irritating. I'd rather the old system was back where I knew how I was gonna be screwed in advance. But more importantly, I really wish that if players are gonna role check as healers, they actually drop heals instead of going on dps rampages then bitch about how they aren't being supported in the BG's. My answer, HEAL YOU SORRY LAME ASS BASTARD !!! I promise if you do, I'll do everything I can to keep you alive.

Nuff Said

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