Friday, November 11, 2011

WoW Raiders Hate Smokers and Parents

I ran across this thread and it really irked me. I have to admit. You see at first it started out with the tired "I hate smokers because they stop the raid for 5 min". They are addicts right? Addicted to nicotine, oh so terrible and evil right? Hmmm......If you get mad at a 5 min break during a raid...aren't you the addict? Lets talk about this. Society frowns upon smoking today as almost a sin. Ooohhh your smoking your gonna die a terrible wracking painful death and your going to burden the population for health care....and oh yeah your cutting into my addiction of raid progression...WTF?!?!?!?!?! Look if you are on a 4 hour Armageddon raid run I got it...but an hourly smoke break/bio break or check on the kids break is human. as to vices...Mark Twain said it best:

I haven't a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices.

- Mark Twain, a Biography

See the old man had it right. We all have vices, if we are honest about it I think. WoW in itself is a vice by the way. Especially to those driven towards progression. All I'm saying is, have a little understanding. 4 hours of my time is precious...5 minutes every hour shouldn't destroy your life...just sayin'.

Further more, the thread got worse, blaming parents for having to take care of their kids during the raids...FUCKING REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?
People who are mature adults have responsibilities. They still like to have fun. They still enjoy the MMO Raiding, but seriously...some people have the audacity to blame parents for trying to pay attention to their young children while using a home friendly vice rather than leaving them alone with a babysitter while they go out and get drunk? Seriously? screw up here folks.


So it's the parents fault for loving their child but still wanting to have a little fun? Look I love WoW. It is my hobby in life. To see and make characters grow and progress. But even I got limits. If you are going to disrespect a parent for needing to take care of a crying baby periodically during a raiding marathon, your priorities are kinda really very anti social and immoral. Yes I am accusing you. Think about it! Use your friggen moral compass for Gods sakes!!!

Ok this was my rant. It's also my time to say if you gotta small vice like smoking, it's ok. Least you aren't driving home drunk and possibly killing someone. Second, if you are a parent single or not and you have to split your time between WoW and your real life responsibilities I applaud you for doing the right thing. Maybe parents need to unite together and screw the little arrogant pricks who disrespect you for taking responsibilities. SCREW EM!!!!

Nuff said for the moment!
Have fun out there in Azeroth!!!

Thank you Veterans!

This nation makes me proud. We have a colorful history, sometimes peaceful, other times bloody. One tradition that has always stood the test of time are those who answered the call to serve their nation and sacrifice time, family, indeed sometimes their very lives. They froze in rags on Valley Forge with the hopes of freedom. They fought for personal beliefs during our Civil War. Each of them slogged through the mud and blood of the trenches during WWI. During WWII so many gave their lives across the world by cannon and fire. During Korea they held the Pusan Perimeter. In Viet Nam, Soldiers fought even when many in their nation hated them for doing what their government ordered. Desert Storm, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan. The finest men and women who stand up to fight at their Country's behest give everything they got every day.

It is about sacrifice. It is about pride. But when Soldier's are getting shot at, bombed and bleeding, it's about their brotherhood. Countries don't matter at that point, only that guy or gal to your left and right. A Soldier doesn't charge a hill for glory, but only in hopes to finish the job and get back home. Soldiers are both boistrous and humble at the same time. Bravado takes the stress away and get them ready to do their job. But when you HONESTLY tell them thank you and let them know how important they are, most times they kinda get shy. Most times they get a little quiet and maybe remember a Brother or Sister they lost.

So for all that have served through out the years in times of war and in times of peace. My deepest thanks. I especially thank those older guys from WWII through Viet Nam. You are a dieing breed, but one I looked up to as a child and still do so some 40 years later. You all were my mentors that shaped me into who I am today. After 15 years in the Army, 4 tours in the Middle East, I still look back to those who marched the grounds long before me. They give me comfort when everything is a mess. Knowing their strength of character and stubborness has made me keep going when I wanted to quit. So thanks to all those who mentored me and gave me the Priviledge to serve as well. Happy Veteran's Day wherever you may be.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gaurdian Cub......

So the critter is cute. I will prolly spend the little bit of real world money to go buy one. BUT I REFUSE TO BUY IT ON THE AH!!!!! The people who actually use digital gold for it....SUCKERZ!!!!! Now wait, you say....Mhorgrim aren't you the real sucker for buying one for real cash? Well no. You see, if I choose to buy something for real cash...under 20 bucks that's pure entertainment value, like 15 bucks a month for WoW, am I sucker for that? Not in my mind. But now see, my TIME is extremely important. If I pay to play this game, I don't want to sink that time into gaining anywhere between 5k to possibly 100k of digital gold into it. That's a crap load of time that is important to me, because it takes away from my enjoyment of 15 bucks a month. I'm by no means rich, but even a kid can save a few extra bucks for this pet. He won't ever get the time back though if he blows his/her 15 bucks a month farming the digital gold to buy a pet that can be bound only to one toon. Who really is the sucker in this? I spend my money my way and burn the time played my way, I am not beholden to anyone and therefor have the freedom to play as I please, not to earn a crazy amount of digital gold for a single pet that really most people wont have out with them 100% of the time (Besides I love my mechanical squirrel the most any damned how). What gold I do earn is for my skills and equipment. Vanity stuff...well that's what the extra $10 is for. Can't afford it? Get a job. Got a job? Skip lunch for a week or eat Ramen noodles for a couple of days for dinner and voila you got your $10. Extreme? No, it's priorities. What is honestly more important to you?  Just a rant lol!!! Enjoy your cubs!!! I know on payday I will enjoy mine too!!!! In the meantime, I'm out to go kill Horde!!!

Elitism in PvP and PvE

"HAH your pve gear sucks! Why dont you GTFO of my BG scrubnub!!!!"

"Man vote kick this pvp leach, can't even take the time to learn the fight or earn REAL gearz!!!"

"God I hate trying to grind two sets of friggen gear for PvE and PvP"

Funny how it works, polarized communities of pvpers and pve'ers. Each thinking that THEY alone are the real players. Are they? NOPE. They can be experts in their particular fields of play just as much as they can be completely incompetent. Problem is, they are like angry siblings vying for who gets the most attention from Mom (read Blizzard). Lately there has been an argument about standardizing gear across the board. I have to call horse shit. That stinks of socialism for mediocre performance across the board. I see it already with gear grinds becoming alot easier to knock out. But each system is there to cater to a specific crowd in their own hardcoreness.

Look, iLV gear meant for lv 85 can get you easily into random BG's or baseline dungeons, but you have to push yourself to get higher. For PVPers it means getting into rated BGs and into Arena matches. For PVEers it means getting into baseline dungeons and possibly heroics, but NOT Raids.  Trying to get your feet wet to change things up is all good, but you won't really get anywhere unless you specialize in one thing or another. Both sides have a point. For PvPers its learning to work in the random chaos of the battlefield, there is no set UI response from opponents, things change at the drop of a hat. But there is a ton of flexibility on player actions, not forgiveness for stupidity but a flexibility in tactical situations. For PVEers its all about gearing and learning a specific mechanic and learning the fight with zero tolerance for mistimed abilities. It isn't easy and requires very analytical minds to complete the set boss fights. It requires understanding in detail a class spec to maximize within 99.99% of its Holy Trinity potential. Both types of fighting require significant skill and resourcefulness. Both require a cool headed leader that has complete situational awareness and can keep control of a situation.

In the end, I personally disagree with standardizing gear. I believe in Elitism here. I think there should be a difference between gear to signify the specialty given players have. It is a testament to their dedication towards their game hobby. Lets face it, if you don't want to play a gear based game, WoW is NOT the game for you. There are plenty of FPS games out there or...Minecraft etc. But Blizzard makes it's money banking on players wanting to have "tangible" rewards for their work. The company is still going strong on this formula, proof being them working on the next big expansion. If the formula didn't work, they would stop the development as a whole. So, like it or not, gear grinds are here to stay. I just don't think you should be rewarded for not doing your job in a different style of play.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

World PvP and Battleground Grinds

Well, first and foremost, Grimrhok, crazy dwarf hunter finally hit 85 a couple of days ago. It was a test of wills to finish off those last million or so XP, but it got done. I was pretty proud and used my hard earned 4k of honor points to get my first taste of lv 85 pvp. Even invested in a new pair of pants to keep things at least sort of equal. Then I walked into the fight ... ouch.

I didn't realize I was dealing with opponents that not only had pre formed crews (impressive and I respect it entirely) but allot of them also had conquest gear. Big ouch, it was like trying to use my crossbow to break down towers. But I persevered with my stalwart stubborn dwarf self. I was in the big leagues now... well not so much. I notice still the same horrid performance from PUGers. I notice half the time they are just bullshitting their way through hoping for a quick loss to re queue. Why? Honor at lv 85 is given out like candy. Nice..I got almost complete season 10 pvp honor gear within 2 days. That didn't bother me. I wasn't shocked by the piss poor performance either.  Random folks never seem to get along. But it became a grind again. Quicker yes, but still a grind to get a decent baseline before I get into one of my guild's RBG teams. Let me be clear, they arent pressuring me in any way. The fact I hit 85 and got a few pieces of Season 10 gear got me noticed for my dedication. Of course its only the first step. And I do enjoy pvp...ALLOT! Just hate incompetence is all.

Brings me to the final point here. I really enjoy world pvp. I love it when our guild goes on a full rampage against the Horde, or when I happen across a lone figure out in the Uldum sandbox. The constant alertness you have to have for possible foes is a rush. Sometimes you can slam someone, other times you get facerolled. But it's still a rush. I love knowing that there are no enclosed areas and no rules. Fight or die. No pity no remorse. Get a knife in the back? Got feared and facemelted? It happens, but then so does watching my wolf or cat shred down a Deathknight or Paladin (Well paladins seem to take longer but its more blood spilt). I wish there was more of it. I have to commend my guild, Clan Battlehammer for at least twice a week going after the horde cities. It's a blast whether we win or loose. And yes we do loose about as much as we win. But it is still such a riot to go out and fight.

By far I enjoy world pvp more, but I do enjoy getting cute new armor pieces and weapons to go into over kill from BGs. Anyways, just a rambling today.

Edit: My wife pointed out, it was Season 10 gear I obtained. The weapons were Season 9 which was an error on my part.